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Vidyard unveils AI-Powered Sales Assistant

Vidyard Prospector is the first AI-powered sales assistant to fully automate the tasks of hyper personalized outbound prospecting, helping sales reps and startups unlock new revenue.

Vidyard, a leading provider of video communications and buyer engagement solutions, today launched the first AI-powered sales assistant to fully automate the process of generating new sales leads via hyper personalized outbound messaging. Now generally available for anyone to use at no cost, Vidyard Prospector helps sales reps, entrepreneurs, and business leaders unlock new revenue opportunities without wasting precious time on repetitive research and outbound messaging tasks.

“As a founder and sales leader myself, I know how time consuming it can be to prospect for new business in a way that’s both personalized and personal,” said Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO at Vidyard. “Using the latest advancements in generative AI, we’ve fully automated the tedious tasks of personalized prospecting. It’s the autonomous sales assistant I’ve always wished for: a synthesis of tech and touch that allows sales reps and entrepreneurs to spend less time pitching and more time building genuine relationships with customers.”

Tech Meets Touch

Vidyard Prospector scours billions of online contact records to find the best-fit leads for each user based on their target geography, industry, role, and more.

Unlike other contact data and outbound messaging tools, Vidyard Prospector fully automates the process of crafting and delivering hyper personalized emails for each lead with no customization or human intervention required. Going well beyond just adding the prospect’s name or title into the email, Vidyard Prospector uses generative AI to craft unique messaging for each lead tailored to their individual needs. To take messages from personalized to personal, it can also include a custom video message to stand out and make a more personal connection.

With less time spent on manual lead research and outreach, busy sales reps and entrepreneurs can instead focus their time on strengthening their pipeline and closing new business.

“We’re thrilled to launch such an innovative solution that will deliver massive value to both the seller and the buyer,” said Jonathan Lister, COO at Vidyard. “Vidyard Prospector is an important addition to our portfolio of video communication and buyer engagement solutions that humanize the sales process and help go-to-market teams deliver exceptional digital buying experiences.”

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