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Vurvey announced the launch of vTeam


Vurvey, the AI platform powered by people for the most iconic and creative brands, announced at Google Next the launch of vTeam, a groundbreaking solution that combines generative AI and consumer-driven insights to empower brands to do their most inventive work.

“By transforming product development, marketing, and design, among other functions requiring qualitative and quantitative data analysis, vTeam supercharges creativity in any consumer-driven industry from CPG and beauty to luxury hotels and fashion,” says Chad Reynolds, Founder and CEO of Vurvey.

“For the first time, we’re bringing the power of AI and human creativity together, empowering brands to work side by side with consumers to generate outputs in minutes instead of months. vTeam demystifies consumer behavior, trends, and preferences and ushers in a new era of customer loyalty,” Reynolds adds.

vTeam bridges the gap between people and ideas with unprecedented speed and efficiency. By bringing together custom AI agents, brands’ proprietary datasets, and multimodal LLMs (Anthropic Claude 3, Google Gemini Pro, OpenAI ChatGPT 4), vTeam simplifies team collaboration and co-creation with real consumers. It introduces a dynamic, real-time approach to understanding consumer wants, needs, and desires so brands can effortlessly launch highly sought-after products and foster customer loyalty.

The human engine behind vTeam is Vurvey’s patented video survey platform and the community of three million brand enthusiasts, which collects hundreds of thousands of video stories by real people for global brands. Customizable to the needs of each brand and function, vTeam allows users to set objectives and collaborate with virtual team members, including “v assistants” and personas. vTeam delivers diverse outputs such as presentations, magic reels, market summaries, inspirational designs, and go-to-market narratives.

Reynolds adds, “vTeam represents a significant leap forward in integrating AI and human insight for consumer products and services. It’s not just about accelerating the journey from ideation to launch; it’s about revolutionizing how brands connect with consumers at every step of that journey.”

Vurvey is invited by Google to present vTeam to attendees at Google Next on April 11, 2024.

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