WARP announces “WARPstock” facilitated by WARP Station Technology


WARP, a tech-powered freight network specializing in middle-mile solutions, today announced the launch of their real-time inventory distribution service, “WARPstock” backed by their WARP Station technology. Using their proprietary algorithm, WARP can now facilitate the movement of goods in/out of their customers’ warehouses, to distribution centers, and in/out of stores based on their actual needs, not just anticipated needs.

Retailers are constantly struggling with the flow of freight and inventory which can fluctuate widely based on supply and demand and the seasonality of certain products. It can be expensive to house excess inventory in warehouses and in stores when that product may not currently be in demand. WARP can house inventory at their WARP Stations, much like a fulfillment center, and facilitate quick delivery of those items based on real-time sales. By housing inventory at a cross-dock, shippers avoid filling up their warehouses and store shelves with inventory that is not currently needed.

The solution is also available for omnichannel retailers and eCommerce businesses that must balance the inventory of online orders. Instead of storing inventory in multiple fulfillment centers, WARP can help shippers by stocking items at their WARP Stations and then only deliver what is needed. This allows omnichannel retailers to match orders with demand in close to real-time.

Unlike most traditional freight delivery solutions, this dynamic solution encompasses multiple vehicle sizes as well. This includes everything from SUVs and sedans, to more traditional freight vehicles like box trucks, and 53-footers, all driven by customers’ speed and timeliness needs. Shippers can now have their freight delivered faster and at a lower cost by using a variety of vehicle types, instead of having to wait to share a truck with another shipper or paying for space they don’t need.

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