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WebMD Ignite unveils HealthHub Interactive

HealthHub Interactive combines WebMD Ignite's industry-leading HealthHub, HealthAdvisor and HealthInteractive services tailored for health plans' population-health and outreach efforts

WebMD Ignite, a full-service growth partner for organizations across the healthcare industry, today announced HealthHub Interactive for health plans, a suite of new technology-driven solutions specifically designed to power health plan clinical programs.

HealthHub Interactive bundles three proven WebMD Ignite applications together, including HealthHub, HealthAdvisor, and HealthInteractive, which have been adapted specifically for health plan use cases.

  • HealthHub nurtures and builds relationships with comprehensive content: HealthHub offers access to thousands of articles, images, interactive tools, videos, and condition-specific structured learning experiences. It can be used to support and scale care-management programs through member education or marketing efforts with ready-to-post social media content, infographics, customizable blog posts and recommended articles. Leveraging its powerful analytics, health plans also can create strategies that are aimed at boosting HEDIS scores or Star Ratings.
  • HealthAdvisor engages members in their health: HealthAdvisor provides members with easy-to-use, evidence-based assessments that can help them identify, manage or potentially prevent risk-factors for a variety of diseases. Available across a broad range of specialties and conditions, the assessments help members gain a deeper understanding of personal risk factors, as well as the next steps they can take to achieve better health. Each HealthAdvisor title includes a health status assessment with scoring logic and tailored calls to action. It also comes with a dashboard with HIPAA-compliant access to member performance metrics.
  • HealthInteractive improves understanding and engagement through interactive educational content: Ideal for supporting health plan care-management programs, HealthInteractive is a personalized, self-directed, and interactive tool that uses trusted content to help members learn and make health decisions outside of a clinical encounter. It combines WebMD Ignite’s industry-leading patient education with AI to create a two-way, welcoming experience that allows consumers to ask questions and get important answers whenever they need it.

For health plan clinical teams responsible for care-management programs, HealthHub Interactive also is perfect for enrolling and engaging specific member populations, using WebMD Ignite’s industry-leading educational and interactive content and other resources. Health plans often struggle with engaging at-risk populations living with chronic conditions in their care-management programs. As a result, despite dedicating significant resources to care management, member health outcomes sometimes don’t improve and claims costs can remain high.

While each solution within HealthHub Interactive is engineered to deliver compounding value together, the applications are available individually.

“WebMD Ignite is the preeminent member engagement partner for the health plan industry, and our HealthHub Interactive suite provides them with a comprehensive set of tools and services tailored to support clinical programs,” said Ann Bilyew, EVP, Health and President, Healthcare Solutions Group, at WebMD/Internet Brands. “The power of each solution together drives population-health initiatives, enhances member education, and helps build greater member loyalty, using personalizable content and digital tools, which are backed by analytics that support data-driven strategies.”

The formal launch of HealthHub Interactive for health plans follows WebMD’s recently announced acquisition of Healthwise. By adding Healthwise, health plans will ultimately have access to a significantly expanded bank of resources and content, while also taking advantage of the organization’s seamless integration process with care-management programs.

HealthHub Interactive also complements other WebMD Ignite solutions that help with engaging additional key audiences, like healthcare professionals within their networks. Health plans that build stronger relationships with members’ providers can increase participation in their care-management programs, a strategy that both improves member engagement and drives better health outcomes.

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