live events

Events offer opportunities you may be missing.

There is a chance that your marketing program isn’t taking advantage of live events. On average, 24%-40% of marketing program budgets are spent on live events.

That means that events can be a golden ticket for your marketing program: from attendee interactions to data and analytics, live events are integral parts of the buyer’s journey. They drive awareness, create new leads, and accelerate opportunities.

For too many marketers, live events and the insights they deliver remain disconnected from the rest of their marketing activities. Live events won’t make an impact if the right tools and systems aren’t in place to allow marketers to capture and act on event interactions.

In this eBook, we’ll show you, step-by-step, the many ways you can:

  • Maximize the impact of your events
  • Utilize event technology to gather and analyze data
  • Set the foundation for an events program that feeds the sales funnel
  • Create an events program that builds revenue year-after-year

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