Funnel Optimization

[Part 3] A Winning Events Strategy: Wow Your Guests and Accelerate Pipeline

Developing campaigns to tackle each stage of the funnel is crucial to having an optimized marketing strategy. And, as most marketers know—it’s a team effort. Join us for our webinar where Marketo’s Demand Generation team, Digital team, and Field Marketing team will break down how they look at every stage of the funnel. This webinar will discuss a variety of Tactics.

Find out how:

  • Which KPIs to consider when planning your events
  • How to plan different type of events for each stage of the funnel
  • How marketing should align with sales to ensure successful closing events

Join us to learn how to innovate your marketing technology and get a better understanding of your customer. Register today!

Date & Time – Wed, May 29, 2019 @ 10am PT | 1pm ET

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