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Wizz Air, Striim partnership: Streamlining ops with real-time data

Wizz Air

Striim, Inc. and Wizz Air have announced a partnership to accelerate the company’s digital transformation initiative that will optimize mission-critical operations and provide customers with an exceptional digital journey.

Wizz Air connects destinations across 53 countries every day across a fleet of 208 aircraft. Helping over 60 million customers arrive safely at their destination at an ultra-low cost requires focus on absolute cost reduction, maximizing aircraft utilization rates, and dedication to delivering superior customer value. The sheer volume of operational and customer data generated by daily flight operations demands a solution that can keep up with moving data in real time and meet enterprise-level SLAs.

“Striim is truly thrilled and honored to partner with Wizz Air and help them further along in their digital transformation journey,” stated Nadim Antar, Chief Revenue Officer at Striim. “We are leveraging our existing expertise in the aviation sector to quickly help Wizz Air realize operational gains with our unique ability to deliver real-time data from mission-critical systems to their analytics hub within seconds.”

“Wizz Air is excited to partner with Striim as we continue our commitment to offering a frictionless digital customer experience and optimizing the efficiency of our data-driven operations,” said Laszlo Tamas, Senior Data Manager at Wizz Air. “Striim’s unique offering of real-time data will enable us to realize our digital initiatives that translate into our success as Europe’s fastest-growing and most environmentally sustainable airline globally (according to the CAPA – Centre for Aviation Awards for Excellence 2022-2023).”

The partnership between Striim and Wizz Air will focus on accelerating the Wizz Air data modernization project to help move data into Microsoft Azure, facilitating real-time analysis inside Azure Synapse. Those analytics will have an immediate impact on several areas of the business with the aim to:

  • Streamline mission-critical operations that depend on real-time data: minimizing the turnaround of each aircraft and ensuring ground operations are running smoothly.
  • Enhance customer experience: real-time flight status provides passengers with accurate information and if cancellations cannot be avoided offers them immediate rebooking assistance.

Striim is thrilled to support Wizz Air on these exciting initiatives and help them on their continued growth trajectory as Europe’s fastest-growing and most environmentally sustainable airline globally. To learn more about Striim Cloud, visit https://www.striim.com/product/striim-cloud/.

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