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Wunderkind announces Autonomous Marketing Platform, launches Studio

Wunderkind ushers in a new era of automated marketing to scale and deliver AI-powered, revenue-guaranteeing outcomes

Wunderkind announced today the AI-powered Autonomous Marketing Platform and the launch of Studio, the platform’s first application. Studio brings self-service tools to the creative workflow for marketers and services teams alike.

Wunderkind’s Autonomous Marketing Platform streamlines the entire marketing build, report, and optimization process leveraging the power of AI. Through the analysis of trillions of behavioral data points, the platform uncovers valuable insights, facilitating the creation and execution of strategies that drive undeniable performance. The Wunderkind platform delivers on marketing use cases such as making actionable data available through identity, leveraging AI to deliver omnichannel experiences, measuring insights, and integrating with the broader martech ecosystem.

The Autonomous Marketing Platform is underpinned by the Wunderkind Identity Network, a proprietary Identity graph which recognizes over 9 billion consumer devices, 1 billion opted-in consumer profiles and observes 2 trillion events per year. This allows Wunderkind to identify up to 50% more consumer profiles than leading email service providers (ESPs), enabling its AI-powered marketing engine to deliver significantly more personalized, 1:1 emails and text messages to drive ROI.

Studio, the First Application in the Platform Roadmap

As the critical marketing infrastructure for more than 700 brands and retailers, Wunderkind’s Studio streamlines the design process to create best-in-class brand experiences for the entire creative process. Studio provides the ability to make real-time creative edits to experiences, which is improving the time to build and launch campaigns by over 50% for Wunderkind clients. Generative AI capabilities in Studio empower marketers to quickly optimize their messaging, ensuring optimal conversions based on Wunderkind’s observation across trillions of consumer interactions.

Studio represents a watershed moment for Wunderkind and marks a significant evolution in its AI-driven product vision, which centers on providing adaptive learning and decisioning to proactively elevate marketing performance. Wunderkind’s roadmap includes additional AI-powered applications to further optimize the creation of bespoke customer experiences, robust audience development and deep analytics on engagement and revenue attribution.

This investment in the platform and its connected applications complements Wunderkind’s award-winning managed service offering, which delivers more than $5 billion in guaranteed revenue every year for brands such as Uniqlo, CaseMate, Clarks and Omni Hotels. Wunderkind has proven to deliver more than 25% of total digital revenue for many clients.

Our Autonomous Marketing Platform brings the full potential of our proprietary data and best practices to scale through AI,” noted Bill Ingram, CEO at Wunderkind. “Studio significantly reduces the time spent on building marketing creatives and elevating outstanding performance. I’m confident that Wunderkind’s continued investments in AI allow us to deliver dynamic consumer experiences which drive revenue while guiding brands through massive industry changes.”

Molly Delp, VP, E-commerce and Digital Marketing at True Botanicals, shares the brand’s excitement for the new launches. “We love Wunderkind because it’s a managed service that lets us focus on our day-to-day while their professional services team delivers the engagement and eCommerce revenue lift we need. The launch of Studio brings speed and agility to our revenue strategy.” Wunderkind professional services teams are actively servicing requests in the application with it rolling out to all client accounts soon.

Wunderkind invites all marketers to join their public roadmap virtual event on June 26th outlining more about the Autonomous Marketing Platform and other forthcoming applications. You can snag a seat by signing up here.

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