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ZINFI releases New Complimentary Guidebook on Mastering Co-Selling

Mastering Co-Selling: Strategies and Insights for Business Growth guides businesses through the process of establishing successful co-selling partnerships, reveals best practices for mutual growth and provides dozens of examples of co-selling in action

ZINFI Technologies, Inc., a company leading the definition and creation of Unified Partner Management (UPM) solutions, today announced that its new guidebook, Mastering Co-Selling: Strategies and Insights for Business Growth, is now available as a complimentary downloadable eBook. The latest in ZINFI’s extensive series of free guidebooks on channel marketing and partner ecosystems, the booklet is a complete guide that explains in detail how companies can leverage the transformative practice of co-selling through collaborative partnerships to create more compelling and comprehensive market offerings.

In 10 succinct chapters, Mastering Co-Selling: Strategies and Insights for Business Growth provides readers with a comprehensive overview of co-selling and a wealth of specific information, strategies and insights that companies can apply within their own industry or marketplace, whether they are just starting or looking to optimize existing co-selling initiatives. Areas of focus covered in the guidebook include:

  • Examples of co-selling
  • The role of through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) in co-selling success
  • The differences between co-selling, cross-selling and co-marketing
  • Specific strategies for co-selling with partners and the benefits of those strategies
  • Partnership selling examples, ranging from formal alliances and joint ventures to more informal referral agreements
  • Details of the co-selling process
  • How co-selling with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft can expand reach and help partners deliver more valuable integrated solutions

“In today’s business climate where markets are increasing interconnected, the ability to adapt to evolving market demands and the readiness to collaborate and innovate will separate the leaders from the followers,” said Sugata Sanyal, CEO and founder of ZINFI Technologies. “That’s why ZINFI regards co-selling with partners as a strategic imperative for sustainable development in the digital age. To that end, we created this new guidebook, which gives business professionals a better grasp of co-selling and provides valuable insight, specific strategies and best practices. The guidebook also explains the key role of workflow automation in building a successful and sustainable co-selling initiative. Our goal is to help companies of all kinds and sizes do a better job of fostering relationships that drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction and innovation.”

Mastering Co-Selling: Strategies and Insights for Business Growth can be downloaded here:

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To access more information about ZINFI’s partner relationship management platform or to download a copy of ZINFI’s best practices guide on partner relationship management, please visit our website at You can also follow ZINFI Technologies on LinkedIn and at the ZINFI Channel Marketing Best Practices blog.

ZINFI offers its potential customers a 30-day free trial (no credit card required) providing access to its entire Unified Partner Marketing (UPM) automation platform. This will allow any prospective buyers to test-drive its industry-leading channel management applications before making a purchase decision.

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