14 leading marketing influencers have joined Web3m Marketing Movement

Web3m is an innovative Web 3 community, created to shape marketing on the web 3.0 to be more fair and rewarding for marketers, influencers, and content creators.
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Web3m, an innovative web 3 community for marketers, influencers and content creators announces their collaboration with top social media marketing leaders, who joined since last week to the exponentially growing community. Web3m community attracts marketers and innovators focusing on marketing in the Web3 space and will soon launch its own NFT. The total reach of content creators who have joined the community in the past week exceeds 20 million people from the marketing industry.

Among the top marketing influencers who joined the community is Konstantinos Synodinos , having more than 2M followers. Upon joining Web3m he noted: “I am thrilled to take an active part in this leading innovative community. A community that made it its’ goal to shape the Web3.0 industry and make it more fair and rewarding for marketers and content creators. It’s time to seize the opportunity and join the Web3m community as early as possible”.

The Web3m community advocates marketing innovation and gathers information and effective solutions for marketers that want to be pioneers in the Web 3 space and profit the most. Earlier this week Web3m stated that following the community’s launch, they will be launching its’ NFT. Web3m community shares the same founders as Winky.Ai , a company that created an advanced artificial intelligence tool for marketers.

Shlomo Sharabi, Web3m CEO addressed the matter: “We found out that marketers today don’t have a place where they can just have a conversation with peers about the intersection of crypto, Web 3.0, and marketing and the opportunities it creates. Web3m was formed to allow such a space and shape the next generation of web 3.0 marketers”.

Top Tik-Tok marketing influencer Kelsey Exley also joined Web3m prior to its’ launch and stated: “I’m excited to be among the first marketing influencers that have joined the community that will lead the revolution towards a more transparent workspace for influencers and marketers.  Based on my experience working with Web3m,  it is a valuable community for every marketer, brand owner or content creator. They will find a home to form partnerships opportunities and possible deals.”

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