1st Anniversary of Ecommerce Leader’s Overseas Website LIFEASE

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October 14 is the first anniversary of LIFEASE, NetEase Yanxuan ‘s official overseas website. NetEase Yanxuan has always insisted on helping consumers improve their quality of life while meeting their shopping needs by providing high-quality, cost-effective products.

In order to celebrate its first anniversary, LIFEASE launched a special promotion at historically low prices from October 14 to 30. All products were up to 50% off. In addition, consumers can get one free when buy five household products, so as to help consumers get all of the best home products in one place. During the event, all products from US warehouse were offered at a 10% discount with free shipping. There was a 20%-40% discount for popular items, and 10 items sold at 50% off in a flash sale. These best prices saved users the hassle of spending time on their purchase decisions.

In 2016, NetEase launched its e-commerce brand Yanxuan, providing consumers with cost-effective products, and shortening the distance between consumers and the supply chain, while continuously refining its product range, and emphasizing original designs. As a result, NetEase Yanxuan has developed into a unique Chinese brand known for its high-quality household lifestyle products in China and has garnered high praise from consumers.

So far, NetEase has successfully created a number of well-known products, including its Calabash Brothers Series and the Cherry Blossom Charity series, ranging from home furnishings, kitchens and snacks, to cleaning and childcare, and serving all aspects of daily life.

For this anniversary celebration, NetEase Yanxuan offered attractive discounts on several popular products, including latex pillows from Thailand, silk pillowcases made from mulberry silk, foot bath/sauna tubs for convenient and hassle-free experience of “foot bathing culture”, and Yukihira pots, which are also known as the “universal kitchen utensil”.

In addition, even more bargains such as $69/$99 to get one optional item for free were given out during the anniversary.

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