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20/15 Visioners’ Hosts the World’s First Microbiome Virtual Conference

Leading Partner-Vendor Participation Industry and Academic Leader Speakers

Today, 20/15 Visioneers LLC., a leading, advanced science and technology management consulting and marketing company is hosting this first-ever event on March 8-9, 2022! With Abstract and details here:

For years we have said “Really, from a big picture we just don’t know anything about biology”! Well, this notion is changing quickly with the rapidly advancing fields of Multi-Omics and Microbiome Research! Your legacy approaches to scientific software and scientific data management are not going to cut it for these new approaches and disciplines. The level of data complexity, diversity, and volume is beyond what we have been accustomed to over the past 20 years. This conference will bring together experts in scientific informatics/data management and experts in Multi-Omics and Microbiome R&D who are trying to unlock the secrets of biology. These disciplines are dramatically impacting the Life Sciences, Agro-Sciences and Consumer Packaged Goods Industries. “The amount of Biology understanding and discovery over the next 20 years will be mind-blowing and will lead to new and better ways of growing food, better products for the planet, and lead to new disease/disorder therapies, and cures that we couldn’t comprehend in the past,” says John F. Conway, Chief Visioneer Officer, 20/15 Visioneers.

The conference will focus on innovative Partner-Vendor presentations and Researcher/Scientist presentations from academia and industry. Registration is free for attendees and non-vendor speakers. Register here: 
Current sponsors and speakers include but are not limited to Eagle Genomics (, Zifo RnD Solutions (, AstraZeneca (, Biosortia Microbiomics (, CosmosID (, Microbiotica (, AOBiome Therapeutics (, Penn State University Microbiome Center (, Rebiotix Inc., a Ferring Company (, SciBac (, Ferring Pharmaceuticals (, Micronoma (, VastBiome (

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