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365 Media and PSA Partner, For New Virtual Events Products Launch

365 Media and Publishers Service Associates Announce Partnership For New Virtual Events Products Launch
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365 MEDIA, a 20-year innovator in the online media and virtual events industry whose clients have included VNU/Nielsen, McGraw Hill and Summit, has formed a partnership with Publishers Service Associates, (PSA), a 20 year high touch fulfillment firm serving market leaders Gatehouse Media, Morningstar and Salem Communications, to offer seamless and comprehensive virtual events services to the publishing and association industry. The partnership coincides strategically with the launch of 365 MEDIA’s virtual event playbooks and services – a revolutionary offering designed to help associations and nonprofits maximize growth potential.

“Events are a major revenue stream for many of our clients,” said Mark Hintz, CEO of PSA. Annually, there are roughly 1.9 million meetings in the US, producing revenues of $325 billion dollars. “This partnership is in direct response to overwhelming client demand due to the forced cancellation of in-person events caused by the COVID-19 virus. The PSA-365 MEDIA marketing partnership will provide our clients with best-in-class virtual events services, supported by best-in-class customer service and fulfillment services.”

365 MEDIA is headed by events industry veteran RD Whitney, who has a long and successful track record in establishing, managing, and delivering online business community solutions across many markets and industries. He has also launched and managed 5 successful national certification programs and brings 30 years of experience developing business communities that bring buyer and seller together through the gravity of professional training, events (f2f and virtual), education, peer learning and data. A strong advocate for the potential for virtual events since 365 MEDIA started developing online event technology more than 20 years ago, Whitney sees enormous opportunities for nonprofits whose only option during COVID-19 has been the virtual platform.

“Many leaders are in a survival mindset, projecting revenue losses based on the results of previous years’ in-person events. But with our virtual events playbooks and services, we can help them create new revenue streams and expand their community,” Whitney asserts. “Our team of experts – which now includes PSA – could help them transform their virtual events program into a wellspring for long-term growth.”

Based in Williamsport, PA, PSA was started in 1999 by Sovereign Homestead, a publisher specializing in consumer-enthusiast communities that felt trapped by subscription fulfillment service providers that couldn’t think like publishers. What began as a solution to a problem, PSA continues to challenge the status quo to deliver the latest innovations for their clients. This new 365 MEDIA partnership is their latest market disruption.

“PSA’s business strategy is to partner with firms like 365 MEDIA who offer our clients cutting-edge solutions to a constantly changing business environment,” says Debra Schulle, PSA President & Chief Operations Officer. “With options to convert in-person events into digital experiences, PSA is adapting to the current event environment. Looking beyond COVID-19, attendees want multiple ways to consume content and are looking for events that provide them with the option to join in-person, online, and through their personal devices.”

Andrew Conti, Chief Marketing Officer of PSA, feels the marketing partnership offers PSA clients a distinct advantage over other publishers.

“With Virtual Events offered through the PSA-365 MEDIA Marketing Partnership, there is no learning curve. Our clients can pivot quickly and offer virtual events in place of in-person events regardless of their virtual events experience. Our seasoned veterans have the flexibility, experience and a high degree of knowledge in the virtual events industry to give PSA-365 MEDIA clients a huge advantage over their competitors.”

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