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36Kr Hits One Million Followers on Bilibili

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36Kr Holdings Inc. (“36Kr” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: KRKR), a prominent brand and pioneering platform dedicated to serving New Economy participants in China, today announced that 36Kr’s followers on its official Bilibili account has exceeded one million, a significant achievement driven by the increasing popularity and rising influence of its short-form video content. For an enterprise account, one million followers on Bilibili marks a substantial audience level, especially considering 36Kr’s official account has only been in operation on the platform for over a year.

Launched in August 2020, 36Kr’s short-form video business has further expanded the Company’s diverse content matrix and become a critical driver of the Company’s user base growth and commercialization strategy. Leveraging its existing brand advantage, 36Kr has rolled out a broad array of thought-provoking, in-depth video content, featuring various themes ranging from business stories, periodical reviews and talks with industry tycoons, to knowledge sharing, consumer trends and lifestyle pieces. 36Kr’s original, gripping video content offerings have quickly attracted an enormous viewership and extended 36Kr’s appeal to a broader user demographic, strengthening the Company’s influence across the technology, business and finance verticals as well as across younger generations.

In addition to content innovation, 36Kr utilizes a multi-channel strategy to grow its fan base. 36Kr has established a presence on Weibo, WeChat and various web portals and short-form video platforms including Douyin, Kuaishou as well as Bilibili. To date, the total number of 36Kr’s followers has exceeded 20 million, including over six million video content followers. Furthermore, 36Kr’s user base, which previously came largely from the investment, professional and entrepreneurial communities, is becoming increasingly diverse driven by the more user-friendly and intuitive features of its short-form video content offerings. Reaching the milestone of one million followers on Bilibili, an iconic brand and leading video community for China’s young generations, is another testament to the success of 36Kr’s short-form video business.

The rise of 36Kr’s short-form video business has also greatly boosted its commercial performance, increasing both the number of advertising customers and average revenue per advertising customer. In 2021, 36Kr provided customized short-form video marketing campaigns for a wide range of technology companies as well as consumer brands, including Intel, Volkswagen, Huawei, Ant Group, Yili, and the popular beverage company Genki Forest. Notably, the short-form videos 36Kr produced for Intel in September 2021 were effective and fruitful, bringing to life complex, esoteric technology through fun-filled discussions.

Mr. Dagang Feng, 36Kr’s co-chairman and CEO, commented, “We are delighted to see that our followers on Bilibili have reached one million, an important milestone for our efforts in short-form video initiatives. It reinforces our conviction that the short-form video business will be a crucial growth engine for both our commercialization and user base expansion going forward. As a prominent brand and pioneering platform serving New Economy participants, we believe that 36Kr is well-positioned to capitalize on the vast opportunity in China’s massive market and create greater value for more enterprises and users as we become a key innovator in the wave of China’s New Economy development.”

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