5 Day Higher Conversion Challenge for Ecommerce Sellers Launched

Bestselling author Ashley Armstrong and business growth expert Katharine McMahon have just launched the 5 Day Higher Holiday Conversion Challenge that has been created specifically for ecommerce and Amazon FBA sellers.

The biggest holiday shopping season of the year is just around the corner, with all online sellers getting busy to optimize their performance for the holidays. To help ecommerce and Amazon FBA sellers make the most of this season, Ashley Armstrong ‘The Hidden Rules Expert’™ eCommerce Consultant and Advisor and business growth expert Katharine McMahon have launched a 5 Day Higher Holiday Conversion Challenge to increase Amazon holiday sales. This unique program looks to increase holiday sales in just 5 days by turning product images into selling machines. The challenge will remain active from November 9th to 13th.

Many ecommerce sellers are not aware of the fact that 80% of buying decisions start with product images. In the free 5-day challenge, attendees will be able to master the tricks to optimize and replace their existing product images. The conversion challenge will not only help sellers capture the buyer’s attention immediately, but will also encourage immediate purchase by creating a connection between their product and the buyer’s needs.

The most important takeaways from the program include:

  • Why images are so important for conversion and sales of products online.
  • The five critical images that every product should have.
  • The art of educating buyers on how a product addresses their needs, using just images.
  • Capitalizing on competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to win the sale
  • Creating a clear differentiating message and positioning against the competitors.

Ashley Armstrong is a renowned author and Amazon consultant, having been nominated as one of the best Amazon consultants by SellerPoll. Her consulting firm weaponizes her decade’s worth of Amazon experience to help businesses navigate its’ ‘hidden rules’ and achieve success. Apart from working with award winning companies like Sustain Natural and Viome, the ecommerce consultant and ‘The Hidden Rules Expert’™ has been featured in Entrepreneur, Medium, Thrive Global, The List TV, CBS, NBC, ABC, AND FOX NEWS.

Katharine McMahon, on the other hand, has decades of experience working with businesses from startups to multi-billion-dollar brands to amplify their income and maximize their marketing ROI. She helps her clients focus on the fastest path to cash through crystal-clear marketing, story-based messaging, and delivering exceptional experiences to customers. Katherine is an expert with a keen eye to see all the pieces needed to bring together a solid, functional business that will stand the test of time.

“Ashley has a lively and enthusiastic as well as gentle manner which I really appreciate. She is super knowledgeable, but never makes me feel stupid when I am new to an idea. Before taking this course, I hadn’t really thought about the purpose of infographics and was only really planning to produce plain product photos for my new website and revamped product listings,” says one of Ashley’s many students. “Now I have really thought through how much of an impact infographics play in my own purchasing behavior and have realized that they could be a really potent tool for my products.”

“Online shopping for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas has been steadily increasing every year with 2020 expecting to reach a new all-time high for online sales! As an eCommerce seller, you know that the holiday selling season will make or break your year – so get ready to turn your product images into a selling machine and increase holiday sales in just 5 days for free!  Join us November 9th through November 13th for our 5 Day holiday Holiday Conversion Challenge,” Ashley said.

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