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6 Ways Cybersecurity Content Creators Can Think Like Journalists

Scrolling through this article will help you think like a reporter. This piece exclusively explores 6 strategies for creating impactful cybersecurity content.

Cybersecurity’s always on to the next digital iteration. Marketing content creators must explore new developments, fact-check and update data and statistics, and communicate a cerebral topic at the street level to a broad audience of technologists and business people.

In short, cybersecurity content creators must think like journalists. Here’s how: 

Draw connections from trends

A journalist covering a particular beat will follow influencers, figureheads, blogs, research organizations, and field experts to get the latest data, updates, and breaking news relevant to their readership. Identifying the commonalities between all those sources will allow your organization to stay relevant and provide value for your audience.

Do your primary research

Numbers build trust and establish credibility. The more research you do, the better you’ll be at your job. Journalists edit with technical accuracy to reflect what’s in front of them. Even if you don’t have the technical depth to be a cyber expert, you can ask the right questions to give your content the credibility that increases its value for your intended audience.

Listen more than you talk

How do you know if you’re reaching people with your message? Anticipate the concerns or questions your audience might address by learning to ask questions. Intuitive listening means you are developing content that will resonate with your audience. 

As someone in the tech space, I know we often get lost in the details because the best cyber practitioners are driven by a passion for security. Your audience, on the other hand, might have a simpler need. How should they keep their data safe? What foundational cybersecurity concepts should they know before choosing expensive tools or following recommended best practices? You need to know what your audience is looking for and why. 

Find your focal point

You never want to lose sight of your value proposition. It can be tempting to write longer social posts or record lengthy videos to get your point across, but a powerful message keeps things concise and always maps back to the main narrative.

This is even more important when discussing cybersecurity because content can travel from simple to Python script in a second.

Journalists craft concise, accurate pieces that reflect a central message. Instead of adding extra paragraphs to prove your point, ask yourself what you could edit out. Avoid unnecessary tangents. Sometimes several paragraphs catch a reader’s imagination better than an essay. 

Choose a beat and stick to it

Journalists write stories related to their assigned focus. Deviating too far from home base can alienate your audience once your readers (and customers) become familiar with your branding and voice. 

While exploring different ideas and avenues is fun, make sure it always maps back to the main topics your audience expects to see you cover. Unless there’s a good reason to switch it up—like a cross-industry brand partnership—think of your content strategy like a dart board and pick topics that all hover around the bullseye. 

Focus on solving your audience’s pain points

At the end of the day, your audience is looking to you for your expertise to solve the issues they experience daily. As you develop cybersecurity content, be solutions-oriented. It’s the responsibility of cybersecurity creators to educate their audiences while solving problems and defending against the threats they face. This means highlighting best practices, applying technology, and illuminating effective strategies. Consider the skills journalists use daily. That research-oriented, investigative mindset will bolster your content strategy, reaching a broader, more engaged audience with reliable and valuable content. 

Thinking like a journalist is the best way to deliver valuable, actionable information as a cybersecurity content creator. Connect with your audience by providing trustworthy content with clear, concise messaging. Investigate and answer your readers’ questions so you be the expert they come back to again and again.

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Addalai Bouchoc, Content Specialist at Ascent Solutions

Addalai Bouchoc is a content specialist with experience in editing, technical, creative, and research writing. She leads and strategizes Ascent Solutions’ social and blog presence. For more information, visit

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