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67% of marketers are leveraging AI to boost content production

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  • 67% of marketers leveraging AI to boost content production
  • 83% looking to overcome content fatigue
  • Key focus on repurposing content and AI governance for 2024

New findings from Bynder reveal that 67% of marketers are now using AI to boost content production – leaning into the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Bynder, the global leader in Digital Asset Management, has just launched its latest annual report. Entitled ‘2024 content marketing trends survey: Insights and strategies for a digital-first future’, the report highlights current challenges facing marketers, as well as key opportunities for 2024.

Embracing AI to efficiently manage and govern content was found to be a key takeaway from the report, emerging as a trend amongst marketers in 2024, alongside a commitment to repurposing content.

AI to the rescue, as 83% of marketers looking to overcome content fatigue

The ever-changing landscape of the industry is being felt by marketers, as the pressure to create more content mounts.  The study revealed that many marketers feel they are not where they should be in terms of organizational excellence, as more solutions are being required to create, manage and deliver content.

As the year’s halfway mark approaches, 83% of marketers surveyed said they were looking to overcome this tool fatigue. The good news – AI can be utilised as a pivotal solution to mitigate this challenge, and it seems to be the case as the report found 67% are leveraging AI to boost content production.

51% of marketers have now converted to a connected ecosystem (Digital Asset Management platforms and integrations) to store, manage and distribute their digital assets. When integrated with AI, a connected ecosystem not only enables efficient collaboration but also enhances content governance and streamlines workflow and management processes.

Key focus on repurposing content and governance for 2024

A focus on repurposing content for various channels was highlighted to be the top emerging trend for the marketing industry in 2024, and 72% stated this was their top priority.

57% of marketers also stated their intent to personalise content experiences for individual users in 2024, and introduce more efficient content management and governance. Integrating AI-driven technology equipped with robust governance features will guarantee that as your content scales, brand standards and ethics remain protected.

Ljubica Jovanova, Senior Director of Content Marketing at Bynder commented:

“While acknowledging that nothing can replace the value of human touch, it is great to see marketers be able to leverage AI to become more efficient with content production, alleviating some of the pressure they face in today’s world. Automating tedious processes to save time while ensuring focus on quality content is the optimal solution for marketers to fully scale their efforts without compromising brand consistency.”

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