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Aarki, a leading mobile marketing platform, continues to innovate

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Aarki, a leading AI-enabled mobile marketing platform, continues to innovate its advanced machine learning technology tied with dynamic creative optimization, delivering a strong return on investment (ROI) at scale for leading global app developers such as Eureka, Jam City, and Triwin.

LAT Campaign – Triwin

Following Apple’s announcement of planned privacy updates, the mobile advertising industry has to prepare for an ecosystem with even more limited ad tracking (LAT) enabled by iOS users. Aarki has been actively preparing all its clients to run campaigns effectively against these privacy-conscious iOS audiences. Despite the impact on targeting capabilities, Aarki has been developing models and processes that continue to drive success even in an LAT environment.

Triwin, a well-known gaming app developer in China, tested LAT user acquisition with Aarki to learn more about LAT audience potential. The campaign proved that LAT users can be a valuable target audience, delivering a 30% higher ROI than Triwin’s typical campaigns.

“LAT traffic tests are gradually spreading in various channels, but Aarki was the first to propose the test, and we were honored to collaborate. They worked with us to actively adapt to the environment without IDFA, and the test results were encouraging.

Aarki also maintained close communication and cooperation during the test.

Their professional team, leading ideas and superior algorithms are the reasons we chose to partner with them.”

Roy Wang, Overseas Advertising Specialist

User Acquisition Campaign – Eureka

Eureka, a dating platform in Japan, ran a user acquisition campaign utilizing Aarki’s customized machine learning models and deep category creative insights. They generated a 25x increase in install volume and achieved 2x their ROI goal.

“It’s always great working with the Aarki team. With their data-driven decisions, we increased our user base while generating high ROI, and we were able to deliver non-disruptive customized messages that were aligned with our users’ interests.”

Sungjin Kang, Pairs – Marketing

Retargeting Campaign – Jam City

Retargeting users recently topped the list of marketers’ key strategies to increase their high-value users and ROI. With Aarki’s retargeting solution, Jam City saw a 30% decrease in cost per reactivation (CPR) compared to their goal and consistently delivered above the ROI goal.

“The Aarki team has really leveled up our re-engagement results. Everything from creative production, campaign management, reporting, analysis, etc. – they’re a joy to work with.

The campaign performance has been great, and we continue to look for opportunities to expand our relationship with them.”

Gabe Hauser, Growth Lead

“Through the use of our machine learning technology and creative optimization capabilities, we were able to far exceed our clients’ goals,” said Claire Cruz, Director of Client Services – Asia at Aarki. “This demonstrates our ability to work with leading mobile app developers to help them expand their global footprint through programmatic campaigns.”

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