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Accenture Invests in Transparent Computing Company Mobeus

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has made a strategic investment through Accenture Ventures in Mobeus, a technology company pioneering immersive experiences through transparent computing. Headquartered in New Jersey, Mobeus Industries, Inc. is developing frictionless technology to enhance how people connect and communicate.

Mobeus was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, accelerating the need for remote, on-demand meetings. With businesses and employees increasingly using video conferencing technologies, studies show that there are still opportunities to foster deeper human engagement. Mobeus’ goal is to create highly immersive, interactive experiences that enhance human engagement and positively impact relationships through devices people already own.

“Mobeus’ transparent computing technology will enable the layering of multi-media content, including audio, video, and documents via any application and on any device,” said Tom Lounibos, managing director, Accenture Ventures. “For example, people on video conferencing calls will be able to display and point to documents, while still visible to others on-screen behind the documents, resulting in more connected, engaging meeting experiences.”

Airglass is the first product from Mobeus, a video and audio communications tool intended to enhance virtual meetings by using transparent computing—a user-centric computing paradigm in which the hardware and software are separated in different places—to convert desktop software into a transparent, glass-like layer, giving the user the impression that they are looking beyond the display screen.

“Our goal is to transform experiences for our clients and their customers, creating dynamic and trusted ways to collaborate, communicate and transact,” said Glen Hartman, managing director, Accenture Song. “Customers have one powerful message to companies: ‘my life and needs are changing faster than ever.’ Working together, Accenture and Mobeus are addressing these needs by making technology experiences more engaging and useful. We also see the potentially meaningful role that Mobeus’ technology can play in the evolution of the metaverse continuum.”

Forming a glass-like layer atop any application in use, Airglass is designed to remove the need to minimize, move and restore windows, thus empowering anyone to meet and work at the same time. Whether sending notes within a messaging program or creating a presentation with a graphic design platform, subscribers can alter the Airglass Glasstop’s (i.e., home screen’s) transparency, darkening or illuminating it so that focusing is seamless.

Mike Sutcliff, co-founder and CEO of Mobeus, said, “Mobeus is transforming the trajectory of business and personal communication by enhancing how we connect, share ideas, and get things done. In an era of global teams and remote workers, the loss of in-person communication has taken a toll on collaboration and connectivity. Our first product, Airglass is an exciting new category of transparent computing that makes meetings more engaging, immersive, and productive. With Accenture’s support, we’re in an even better position to pioneer a new era of human connection.”

Mobeus is the latest company to join Accenture Ventures’ Project Spotlight, an engagement and investment program focused on investing in companies that create or apply disruptive enterprise technologies. In addition to funding, Project Spotlight connects emerging technology startups with the Global 2000 to fill strategic innovation gaps and offers extensive access to Accenture’s domain expertise and enterprise clients, helping startups harness human creativity and deliver on the promise of their technology.

Earlier this year, Accenture formed the Accenture Metaverse Continuum business group, which combines metaverse-skilled professionals and market-leading capabilities in customer experience, digital commerce, extended reality, blockchain, digital twins, artificial intelligence and computer vision to help clients design, execute and accelerate their metaverse journeys.

Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

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