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Accordion selects Intapp DealCloud to accelerate firm growth

Growing private equity consulting firm will modernize business development strategies and foster Activator behaviors

Intapp (NASDAQ: INTA), a leading global provider of AI-powered solutions for professionals in advisory, legal, and capital markets firms, today announced that private equity-focused financial and technology consulting firm Accordion has selected Intapp DealCloud as its relationship management platform.

Leading change
“As we looked to foster strategic growth, we knew we needed an enterprise-wide relationship management platform that aligns with the complex web of relationships and workflows our partners navigate daily,” said Nick Leopard, CEO and Founder at Accordion. “Intapp deeply understands what it takes to win new business in our market and has infused that understanding into the way Intapp DealCloud functions.”

Modernizing business development
With DealCloud, Accordion will have a single destination for its professionals to find and reference communications, workflows, and other data relating to client pursuits and engagements. Access to collective firm intelligence helps teams strengthen relationships, accurately track and forecast pipeline, and accelerate execution. Centralizing engagement data and Accordion’s daily activities will also provide new, actionable insights into client trends and industry developments.

Building on The Rainmaker Genome Project research, DealCloud will help Accordion professionals adopt an Activator mindset, giving them a competitive edge in managing client relationships and growing the business. Access to valuable relationship intelligence will foster key Activator behaviors: consistently dedicating time to business development, building a robust network, and staying connected with contacts via a cadence of timely, relevant outreach. Additionally, the DealCloud Activator experience will simplify the complex process of client interaction by providing tools and guidance for prioritizing outreach, building networks, and understanding client needs.

Multiplying success with Intapp
“We are excited to work with Accordion as they accelerate their growth efforts and prioritize creating an Activator culture,” said Ben Harrison, President, Industries at Intapp. “Centralizing engagement data in Intapp DealCloud will help the firm support its professionals as they forge deeper client relationships, and set the right behaviors as they work to grow the business.”

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