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Ackroo launches MarketingHub for their AckrooMKTG clients

Ackroo expands loyalty offering with enhanced communication and analytics tool

Ackroo Inc. (TSX-V: AKR, OTC: AKRFF) (“Ackroo” or the “Company”), a loyalty marketing, payments and point-of-sale technology and services provider, announces the launch of its latest advancement to the Ackroo Anywhere platform with the beta of the MarketingHub. This development will provide current and prospective AckrooMKTG customers the ability to communicate with custom segments of their customer base via email, text message, and push notifications to users of Ackroo’s mobile app offering. Clients will be able to target customers via loyalty transaction behaviours, and reactions to past communication campaigns. Clients will also be able to automate communications and loyalty offers based upon consumer behaviour. These actions will then generate clear and concise reporting for merchants allowing them to better strategize and execute successful loyalty programs.

The Marketing Hub platform is built to easily accommodate additions to segmentation, automation and reporting over time, based upon client feedback. It is being rolled out in beta phases this quarter to existing clients for testing and feedback. The initial release will allow for email communication and segmentation based upon a preselected list of options. Month-over-month, Ackroo will add additional communication methods of text messages and push notifications as well as adding reporting features and automation. Later phases will also include the ability to import other 3rd party email and phone lists into the MarketingHub. Wide release of the product is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

“We are very excited to formally announce the beta release of the new Ackroo MarketingHub service to our growing loyalty marketing merchant base,” said Steve Levely, CEO at Ackroo. “The ability to offer integrated and intuitive communication tools right from our program console is a big step forward for our platform. We began offering communication solutions as a marketing service several years ago as clients who operate loyalty programs naturally have a need to manage communications with their clients. We also now have a growing digital gift card customer base that are capturing buyer and recipient email addresses in which they would like to market to those customers so the demand for communication tools have grown. As a product first, services second business it was important for us to build technology that would provide this solution to our customers versus provide it as a service and so in March of 2020 we strategically acquired WinWin Marketing, who had a loyalty marketing technology that provided this integrated solution. We have spent the last 2 years building a tool within our core Ackroo Anywhere platform that is even more intuitive and powerful than WinWin’s, which we are excited to roll out in the coming months. Access to the enhancement will be included in our loyalty platform base offering, with a small additional monthly cost for distribution of the messages, making it even more appealing for Ackroo gift card only merchants to want to upgrade to our loyalty plan. In all this is a big win for Ackroo and for our AckrooMKTG customer base.”

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