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Acquia CMS Migrate Allows Companies to Move to Drupal 9 up to 5x Faster

New Solution Helps Organizations Unlock the Power of Newly Launched Drupal 9 by Speeding Upgrades from Any Legacy CMS
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Digital experience company Acquia today announced the availability of Acquia CMS Migrate, a new solution that helps organizations migrate their data from any content management system (CMS) to Drupal 9 quicker and more cost-efficiently. It is the only solution designed to make migrations to Drupal 9 five times faster, while minimizing risk, compared to traditional website replatforming projects that typically take up to 12 months.

Launched today, Drupal 9 is built to handle more data at higher volumes, integrate easily with other platforms, and lower the barriers to entry for new Drupal users. As more organizations look to adopt Drupal 9, Acquia CMS Migrate can help them upgrade sites quickly and easily, so they can take advantage of the latest innovations. As the largest Drupal contributor, Acquia has unique technical expertise in Drupal 9.

“I’m proud of how the Drupal open source community rallied to release Drupal 9, with powerful features that will make it easier to use, more flexible, and more accessible for anyone,” said Dries Buytaert, Acquia’s co-founder and CTO. “Acquia’s goal is to help any customer migrate to Drupal 9 – whether they’re using an older version of Drupal or other CMS altogether. Acquia CMS Migrate will help organizations lower the total migration cost.”

Acquia CMS Migrate combines both automation and the company’s Drupal 9 expertise to make the process of moving to Drupal 9 seamless. The software uses connectors to non-Drupal CMS platforms – including Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore, Bloomreach, Documentum, Oracle Web Center, and others – to automatically migrate content, metadata, files, and configurations to Drupal. During migration, the software rationalizes content by removing duplicate or unused content, cleaning up file structures, and more. Acquia’s consultancy helps organizations prepare for migration by setting up a strategy, reviewing compliance objectives, and other counsel.

Beyond Acquia CMS Migrate alone, Acquia has the most comprehensive set of tools to help companies upgrade to the latest version of Drupal. Once organizations are using Drupal 9, Acquia provides a suite of end-to-end OSS solutions, customer success programs, and resources to maximize its value. For more information, please visit

“We’ve been looking forward to the release of Drupal 9, so we can leverage the most powerful and flexible version of Drupal to date,” said Ewan Auguste, director of web strategy at Work front. “Organizations can’t afford site downtime from migrations right now, as so much of day-to-day business has moved to digital channels. With the ability to rapidly migrate to and take advantage of Drupal 9 and the Acquia Cloud platform, we can move forward more quickly with our digital transformation initiatives, using Acquia’s comprehensive services to support our IT and marketing teams.”


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