AdAdapted Launches New Shoppable Video Ads

AdAdapted’s newest product offerings allow brands to message consumers with a short-form video ad so that consumers can add products directly to their digital cart.

AdAdapted, the leading shopping list marketing and insights platform for CPG brands, agencies, and retailers, today announced it has launched add-to-cart, Shoppable Video Ads. Brands can now seamlessly tell their brand story, while increasing conversions and gathering critical customer insight through mobile browser, mid-article or stand-alone video.

AdAdapted Shoppable Video Ads enable brands to build eCommerce campaigns on AdAdapted’s industry-leading Shopping List Marketing mobile ad platform. This goes beyond standard video ads by utilizing AdAdapted’s one-click functionality so consumers can add branded products directly to their eCommerce cart. The product leverages AdAdapted’s exclusive verified shopper audience to target consumers based on shopping list intent behavior, ensuring ads are served only to the consumers most likely to purchase the item, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

“We have found significant positive results with AdAdapted campaigns over the years,” said Ali Fluke, senior advertising manager, Kodiak Cakes. “The launch of AdAdapted Shoppable Video Ads enables us to utilize AdAdapted’s 1-click Add-to-Cart user experience, while expanding the placement opportunities to mobile web.”

The new offering enables video with two primary objectives:

  • Shoppable Add-to-Cart Actions – Optimizes for click-through rate
  • Brand Awareness – Optimizes for completed views

AdAdapted Shoppable Video averages a 6.5x longer view time than video on social feeds. Brands can also overlay cross-device and segment targeting (including demographics or preferences) via AdAdapted’s existing partnership with LiveRamp, the leading data connectivity platform. Video campaigns come with end-of-campaign custom reporting.

“In today’s digital age, brands must serve consumers compelling video content that encourages them to engage,” said Mike Pedersen, co-founder and CEO, AdAdapted. “AdAdapted Shoppable Video Ads are a natural extension of our Add-It™ product suite and allow brands to serve high impact, video content to the head of household shoppers at the right time, leading to an increase in both conversions and sales that exceed industry standards.”

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