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AdCellerant Announces Streaming TV Digital Advertising Product

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AdCellerant, a leader in the technology and digital advertising space, has launched its new Streaming TV digital advertising product, which allows advertisers to reach users on all of their screens as they view live or on-demand programming through any connected device. Streaming TV provides advertisers an opportunity to incorporate TV as part of their digital marketing strategy in a targeted and cost-effective way.

AdCellerant’s new offering, Streaming TV, simplifies the complexity of buying connected TV, over-the-top, and full episode player. Simply put, Streaming TV shows an ad to a target audience depending on the size of the screen that they are watching live or streaming content.  Streaming TV can target an audience based on interests, behaviors, and intent of potential customers, as well as hundreds of demographic data points.

“The world of Streaming TV advertising can be a labyrinth of options, abbreviations, and definitions that make it difficult to navigate for the local advertiser. Our aim is to make this complicated space simple and streamlined, focusing on screen size and inventory quality. Most importantly, we’re aiming to bring the best-in-tech to the small business down the street,” says Adam Shaffner, CPO, AdCellerant.

Based on feedback from the marketplace and partners, AdCellerant tasked themselves with creating a better product to fit the needs of media companies and advertisers. Leveraging their ongoing partnership with a global advertising technology leader, The Trade Desk, and its robust ad-buying platform, AdCellerant’s Streaming TV product now makes it easier for channel partners to sell OTT/CTV/FEP, provides better analytics and transparent reporting, and increases profitability for partners. With more and more consumers watching streaming content daily, this is prime real estate for advertisers to stake a claim on.

Jonathan Muzio, Chief Business Development Officer of AdCellerant said, “The enhancement to our already powerful suite of OTT/CTV solutions accomplishes the goal of making it easier for our local media and channel reseller partners to sell, makes it more profitable for them to sell, and offers more transparency for their advertisers with the improvements that our team has made to reporting for these campaigns.”

Streaming TV will continue to grow in the coming years as many people adopt digital streaming on their living room screens, and to the many devices where television can be streamed. Now is the perfect time for marketers to take advantage of this trend to diversify their marketing mix towards Streaming TV to reach their ideal audience wherever they are.

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