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Admixer.HB+ Updates: Getting Ready for Cookieless Era & UI Simplicity


Admixer, a leading provider of end-to-end ad management solutions for publishers and advertisers, has updated its recently launched header bidding platform Admixer.HB+ to introduce cookieless inventory monetization and improve UI to streamline operations and revenue management. These updates are crucial as the industry rapidly moves away from third-party cookies and towards a greater emphasis on first-party data solutions.

Preparing for a Cookieless Future

Admixer recognizes the evolving landscape of digital advertising. The HB+ platform’s focus on cookieless inventory monetization underscores the importance of adapting to privacy-centric solutions. By embracing first-party data strategies, publishers can ensure continued revenue generation and build more sustainable programmatic infrastructure that respects user privacy.

Admixer.HB+ has expanded its integrations of first-party cookie solutions. In addition to Lexicon ID, the platform now includes the Admixer ID module. These technologies complement each other. Lexicon ID relies on a predictive approach to determine if the user on the publisher’s side falls within the ad campaign’s target audience, using big data or accessible data signals. Admixer’s solution, on the other hand, aims to connect the user with user-authorized data on the advertiser’s side. Admixer plans to further expand the HB+ technology stack with more first-party solutions for sustainable monetization performance.

Additional Improvements to the Admixer.HB+

Admixer.HB+ has undergone a substantial UI transformation focused on enhancing usability for publishers, with a focus on simplicity, streamlined navigation, and a clutter-free design. The platform now incorporates more than 50 interface tips, serving as helpful guides for publishers to optimize ad monetization. Additionally, the newly introduced Notification Center will keep you updated with the most important real-time issues or updates. Moreover, the Admixer Help Center has significantly expanded, evolving into a comprehensive support resource.

In terms of reporting, Admixer.HB+ introduces a revamped report structure, presenting data in a table-like format for improved clarity in analyzing ad performance metrics like impressions, clicks, revenue, and fill rates. The dashboard now offers a more comprehensive overview of ad performance with real-time data feeds, providing publishers with up-to-the-minute insights.

The Payments page in Admixer.HB+ has been updated to streamline revenue management processes. It now offers a clear and organized overview of current revenue status, recent payments, and upcoming payouts.

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