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Convoso unveils ClearCallerID Pro™ for Sales-Focused Contact Centers

This state-of-the-art solution represents a significant advancement in caller ID reputation management for sales teams, proven to maximize call center performance, increase contact rates, and streamline operations.

Today,  Convoso, a leading provider of AI-powered contact center software for sales teams, unveiled the official release of ClearCallerID Pro™ at the LeadsCon Conference. This advanced caller ID reputation management solution equips businesses making outbound calls with a suite of tools to streamline caller ID management, improve reputation, increase call deliverability, and drive more revenue. Customer advantages include cost reduction associated with over-dialing and DID flagging; automated dis-use of flagged DIDs; deeper understanding of how DIDs affect business operations; and insightful analytics for better decision making.

Convoso’s ClearCallerID Pro™ is built to help companies legitimately reach the intended recipients of their outbound campaigns without getting blocked or flagged by carriers. As a result, they achieve improved contact rates and increased agent opportunities to close sales. ClearCallerID Pro™ provides capabilities and services to register phone numbers [DIDs], monitor carrier and FCC actions on those numbers, automatically remediate flagged or blocked DIDs, and, most importantly, prevent these occurrences from happening in the first place.

”Consumers today are increasingly frustrated with unwanted calls,” said Nima Hakimi, Convoso CEO and Co-Founder. “Regulators are cracking down on rampant illegal robocalls by giving telco carriers broader authority. Unfortunately, in their efforts to thwart bad actors by blocking calls or labeling them with spam or scam warnings, carriers often mistakenly flag legitimate businesses that have obtained proper consent from consumers. Convoso has a long track record as a trusted partner for sales-focused organizations, partly due to our commitment to prioritize compliance.”

ClearCallerID Pro™ is the premium offering of Convoso’s established ClearCallerID™ solution. This advanced version provides one of the most comprehensive suite of tools and services on the market today for managing and upholding a company’s caller ID reputation.

CCID Pro’s key features include:

  • Prevention functionalities to inhibit numbers from getting flagged or blocked
  • Dashboards that monitor phone numbers flagged or blocked by each major carrier
  • Automated remediation to pull flagged or blocked numbers out of call campaigns
  • Real-time performance analytics offering visibility into how flagged or blocked numbers are affecting contact rates
  • Robust management tools and services, including automated alerts, carrier registration, and support

Beta customers report a steady improvement of contact rates by up to 33 percent, conveying a strong win on a key metric for outbound contact centers reaching out to lead lists. In addition, they identify notable savings over their existing caller ID reputation solutions.

“With ClearCallerID Pro, we’re seeing our contact rates increase from 12 percent to consistently hitting 15 and 16 percent for our freshest leads, ” said Brian Spurgeon, Director of Call Centers for Long Home Products. “The other bonus is we’re no longer paying a third party to manage our DIDs, which previously cost us $ 3,000 per month. The reporting is insightful and makes reviewing the performance of your DIDs easier – it highlights areas that we had to search pretty deep for in the past. This has added up to improved time efficiency for management. The new ClearCallerID Pro we’ve beta tested really takes care of our needs around managing our caller ID reputation.”

Convoso’s ClearCallerID Pro™ product launch continues the company’s innovation legacy, which began in 2006. The company is developing more products that will improve call center performance, support compliance with evolving regulatory changes, and power success for sales and lead generation teams.

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