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Infobip’s Developer Shift Conference 2nd Edition in the U.S.

Flagship Croatian Developer Conference Returns to South Florida with Expanded Three-Day Program, Spotlighting API Software Solutions and Tools

Infobip Shift Miami, the American counterpart of Croatia’s renowned developer conference, is returning to the iconic Perez Art Museum for its second annual edition from April 22nd to 24th, 2024. This marks a substantial expansion from its inaugural single-day event, with organizers anticipating increased participation and promising an even more enriching experience.

“This year’s Infobip Shift Miami expands on the success of last year’s event. We’re dedicating a full day to lectures and panels, with networking on day one and hands-on workshops on day three. Building on positive feedback, we anticipate over 500 attendees in 2024. Our goal is to establish Infobip Shift Miami as an annual cherished event within the American developer community,” explains Nikola Radišić, head of the Infobip Shift team.

Focus on the API Landscape

In addition to broadening the program, the conference introduces a thematic focus on software, centered around the Application Programming Interface (API). An API represents a set of defined rules and tools that facilitate communication and information exchange among diverse software systems. API solutions are pivotal in ensuring the swift and seamless operation of different software applications, rendering them indispensable to developers across industries.

“Building on the previous Shift in Miami, which delved into various facets of the developer experience, this year’s lectures will exclusively revolve around APIs. We chose to hone in on APIs due to their status as a burgeoning and incredibly vital sector within the software industry — an indispensable component for envisioning a modern developer profession. We aim to provide the audience with insights into the latest tools and solutions, empowering them to optimize their skills and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of software development,” comments Radišić on the conference theme.

Confirmed speakers are Mary Thengvall (Camunda), Matt Billman (Netlify), Katie Miller (Data Protocol), Adrienne Tacke (Cisco), Talia Nassi (Akamai), Emma Cao (Wix), Larry Maccherone (Contrast), Christine Spang (Nylas), Brian Rinaldi (LaunchDarkly), Baruch Sadogursky (Gradle), Meade Kincke (Imperfektus), Jeremy Meiss, Sean Falconer (Skyflow), Alex DeBrie (DeBrie Advisory), Ivan Burazin (Daytona), Rizel Scarlett (TBD Developers) and Eric Schabell (Chronosphere). The complete schedule can be found here.

Developer Convergence at Shift

Infobip Shift Miami is a crucial part of the Croatian unicorn’s efforts to strengthen the global developer community. Building on last year’s success, Infobip aims to make Shift Miami a key event for the local tech scene.

“By expanding the program in this year’s edition, we cement our commitment to connecting and supporting developers worldwide. Infobip now boasts two conferences on two continents, a feat achieved by only a few leading global companies. Infobip Shift Miami 2024 demonstrates our strategic approach to connecting the developer community around this unique event,” concludes Nikola Pavešić, Director of Developer Experience and Startups at Infobip.

As excitement builds for this transformative event, we invite developers, tech enthusiasts, and industry professionals to seize the opportunity to learn from leading experts, engage in insightful discussions, and expand your network in the vibrant developer community.

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