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Sonobi, an advertising technology company that connects advertisers directly with individuals through premium media companies, announced today its newly-launched integration with JW Player.  A core focus for Sonobi over the last 18 months has been to expand its offering of Video and Connected TV (CTV) products. Sonobi’s goal is to bring its proprietary identity and contextual solutions to Tier-1 supply across all channels through valued partnerships.  JW Player’s innovative products, which deliver over 10 billion monthly views across more than 12,000 premium content sites, combined with Sonobi’s identity-centric technology, will bring improved video ad experiences with lower latency, higher engagement, and better media outcomes.

Sonobi’s media marketplace includes over 2,500 premium digital media properties. Publishers integrated with Sonobi can holistically manage their display, mobile, video, and in-app advertising inventory. Sonobi’s JetStream platform connects Fortune 500 advertisers with over 60 million potential consumers in premium content. It enables publishers and marketers to directly collaborate in order to create and deliver superior consumer-centric campaigns in an environment that prioritizes efficiency, transparency, quality, safety, and results.

“At Sonobi we have had a collective focus on expanding our reach and execution of multi-channel video supply, connecting brand-safe, high-value inventory directly to our demand partners. These efforts have produced an exponential increase in performance and proficiency in video, providing a foothold in this rapidly expanding segment of the industry. By partnering with JW Player we take a significant leap into this continuing path by leveraging their advanced audience engagement technology to monetize premium data-enriched supply, enhancing our position as an identity-based market solution.” Jim McCloskey, VP of Revenue at Sonobi.

Sonobi provides media brands and publishers with the programmatic technology to manage consumer advertising experiences that drive superior monetization. JW Player is among the most powerful and flexible platforms of video services, powered by one of the fastest and most widely used online video players. Through this new partnership, Sonobi will be able to include JW Player in its video monetization strategy. This integration will allow Sonobi to deliver video ads by using one of the best video players in the market. It will also broaden Sonobi’s targeting capabilities by offering contextual video targeting as an additional tool for aligning a brand’s message with media content.

JW Player enables agencies and brands to target their campaigns to the content in a publisher’s videos as they advertise across desktop, mobile and connected TV platforms. Through scanning publishers’ video content and collecting information from the video player, JW Player enables advertisers to better target where their messaging will run. “No one else can offer the scale we have on the open web, playing and analysing ten billion videos a month,” explains Michael Schwalb, Co-GM of Advertising at JW Player.  “We can harness this to provide advertisers more effective contextual targeting and brand-safe environments for their campaigns. By partnering with Sonobi we deepen the ability of publishers and advertisers to develop compelling advertising campaigns together.”

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