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Adtech Leader Rebrands Its Media Quality Metric

Giving advertisers a single metric that represents a viewable, brand safe, fraud free, and in-geo impression they can trust
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Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification, today announced the rebrand of its MRC accredited metric “Qualified Ads” to “Quality Impressions™”.

IAS’s Quality Impressions represent a proprietary set of metrics which help ensure media quality transparency. To qualify as a Quality Impression, an ad unit must be viewable, by a real person, in a brand safe and suitable environment – all within a campaign’s correct geographical parameters.

Advertisers need a source of truth as they compete for the best media inventory available for delivering upon their given objectives. This comprehensive metric does just that; giving advertisers a simplified metric to understand exactly how well their campaign performed against all their specific campaign quality criteria.

“Not all impressions are equal and advertisers need an easy way to understand whether a digital ad meets their media quality standards for a campaign,” said Tony Marlow, CMO, IAS. “Rebranding this key metric to ‘Quality Impressions’ is exciting because it represents transparency into digital advertising quality, which is a key driver of campaign outcomes.”

IAS measures over 500 billion media quality signals every day, laying a strong data-driven foundation for Quality Impressions™. These capabilities are unmatched when it comes to scale, coverage, and accuracy. Quality Impressions™ consolidates all the most important metrics into one umbrella metric to give marketers a singular point of reference for campaign health.

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