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Advertising Consultancy Agency, Evvolution Opens With New Approach

Equipped with various ad solutions, a team of Berlin-based mobile marketing experts have launched Evvolution - an agency focusing on app promotion outside the walled gardens
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Evvolution, an ad consultancy agency, officially opens today with a new approach to an old challenge: reaching and engaging high quality audiences where they are. Through curated partnerships worldwide, the company has created the ultimate package of services, unlocking new opportunities for advertisers around the globe. The name Evvolution speaks to its team’s individual and collective growth, as well as to the journey their clients take to constantly evolve their marketing approach.

With this agency model, Evvolution will provide diverse and tailored app promotion strategies combining the advantages of multiple high-performance mobile platforms such as TikTok or Yahoo! JP. Evvolution constantly tracks industry trends and adds new partnerships in response to the movement of quality users.

This international team of mobile advertising experts bring together their unique cultural background and industry knowledge to seamlessly connect app developers from all verticals with the right audience. Entering any market is possible with Evvolution’s global reach and a strong foothold in US, Canada, UK, Europe, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

“The industry is constantly evolving, and the services offered need to reflect that. Eight years of working in the mobile marketing industry has taught me that successful campaigns come from a strong team. We have cultivated a diverse group of industry experts that will help reach our clients’ goals through channels off the beaten path.” – Stanislava Todorova, COO of Evvolution

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