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Advisr unveils latest edition of Advisr Index

Advisr Unveils Latest Edition of Advisr Index, Offering Crucial Insights into Digital Sales Trends

Advisr, the leading provider of sales analytics and automation solutions for B2B enterprises, is thrilled to announce the release of the latest edition of the Advisr Index. The Advisr Index offers sales leaders concise insights into digital sales trends across various sectors and leverages Advisr’s Reporting & Analytics suite of products powered by real-time data and AI..

The latest edition of the Advisr Index Is based on 2023 data and focuses on eight advertiser categories and emphasizes many key metrics ranging from campaign length to number of proposed products.  It also provides valuable tips and call outs for sales teams on how to activate around this data and integrate it into larger sales strategies.

“This report provides crucial insights into sales trends, industry benchmarks, and competitive dynamics,” says Quique Nagle, CEO of Advisr. “At Advisr, we are committed to empowering sales teams with actionable data and intelligence to drive revenue growth and stay ahead of the curve.”

Access to the data featured in the Index empowers sales teams to anticipate evolving sales trends, benchmark performance against industry standards, leverage market insights for a competitive edge, and navigate market complexities to accelerate revenue growth.

Some of the YoY significant trends revealed by the data include:

* Average campaign length decreased by 7%

* Monthly product spend increased by 17%

* OTT budgets were 32.5% higher than targeted display

* And many more…

Peter Fernquist, CIO of Advisr, adds, “This report underscores how Advisr not only provides valuable insights into sales trends but also equips sales teams with the ability to act upon that data seamlessly through AI to make informed decisions and drive growth.”

The data gathered by the Advisr platform goes well beyond the eight verticals featured in the Index.  Clients of Advisr can access 90+ categories of data, which they can leverage in real time  for optimized sales strategies or use to augment their own data.

Organizations, ranging from broadcast and radio companies to agencies and MVPDs, utilize the data from the reporting suite to refine the Advisr recommendation algorithm. They tailor their product pitches based on historical successes identified through this data.

With Advisr’s comprehensive reporting suite, any sales organization can now make the same informed decisions to enhance their product strategies and drive success. Don’t miss out on the valuable insights provided by the Advisr Index.

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