AdvizorPro Launches Direct Hubspot Integration

AdvizorPro Expands CRM Integrations to include Hubspot and Salesforce ensuring sales, marketing, and recruiting stakeholders are leveraging the most up-to-date advisor data
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AdvizorPro, an RIA and Broker-Dealer Database, is excited to announce the release of its Hubspot integration. The integration allows clients to sync the freshest financial advisor data with Hubspot. This is a key milestone in helping sales and marketing teams avoid tedious data refresh exercises, while still leveraging the most accurate contact data. In addition to Hubspot, AdvizorPro offers a direct integration with Salesforce and an API to sync with other CRM platforms.

The new AdvizorPro-Hubspot integration provides stakeholders with a painless way to connect Hubspot with the most up-to-date data from AdvizorPro. The integration syncs contact and company data, providing automated data refreshes and eliminating tedious work. Furthermore, this integration offers users complete control, including the ability to choose refresh-frequency and degree of automation by data field. In addition to updating changes such as employer names, emails, or titles, the integration syncs new leads automatically into Hubspot based on saved filters. These contacts can be enrolled in automated Hubspot workflows for instant, new-lead engagement.

Sales, marketing, and recruiting teams often miss opportunities with financial advisors due to the use of inaccurate or stale contact data. CRM systems can quickly become stale and inaccurate if not refreshed regularly, which is oftentimes a time-consuming, tedious task. The maintenance of accurate advisor data in a CRM system is often managed by overloaded individuals, and as a result, data quality can deteriorate quickly.

“One of the biggest challenges our clients come to us to solve is stale data in their CRM. It’s such a common problem because many stakeholders rely on poor quality sources or refresh their data infrequently in a constantly changing industry. Our integrations allow many clients to solve the stale data problem in a few clicks,” says AdvizorPro founder, Michael Magnan. “Leveraging fresh data significantly increases the ROI of sales, marketing & recruiting teams.

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