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Aera Technology expands Decision Intelligence “AI Test Drives”

Provides Fast Path to Experience the Advantages of AI-Powered Decision Making

Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™—Aera Technology, the Decision Intelligence company, announced from the Gartner® Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo™ 2024, new capabilities for its Aera Test Drive due to accelerated demand. The company’s Test Drives enable enterprises to quickly deploy features of the Aera Decision Cloud™ platform and experience Decision Intelligence functionality within their IT and data environments. Global market leaders have realized results in 4-5 weeks — quickly demonstrating value and gaining faster internal approvals for large-scale deployments.

“With market adoption of Decision Intelligence quickly accelerating, we believe there should be fast, approachable ways for companies to get started with AI decision automation and realize the advantages,” said Fred Laluyaux, CEO, Aera Technology. “Through our Test Drives, we are once again removing barriers to operationalizing amazing AI initiatives.”

According to Gartner®, 31% of supply chain leaders face real-time decision execution challenges due to analytic insights that are not prescriptive enough to take action and the inability to scale pilots while 34% lack digital transformation roadmaps.*

Aera is solving this challenge by providing Test Drive participants access to core features of Aera Decision Cloud for a hands-on functional and customized view of AI decision automation. Without replacing or disrupting existing systems and data sources, companies can quickly onboard, train, and start augmenting and automating digital decisions. Test Drive participants gain a pre-mapped Decision Data Model™ of their aggregated, harmonized datasets that delivers insight-rich analytics and pre-defined KPIs across procurement, manufacturing, order, logistics, and sales. This provides instant visibility into the health of their supply chain with root cause analysis capabilities to identify issues and guide digital decision-making. A value-based Decision Intelligence roadmap, created in collaboration with participants and their leadership teams, is provided to every company.

They also have access to a range of Aera Skills™ — decision-making capabilities available from the platform designed to understand, recommend, act, and learn for a set of business problems — to improve and accelerate decisions for master data, dynamic safety stock, and inventory balancing. New capabilities that include order fulfillment, logistics events, and CO2 emissions management will be added.

Participants can also experience the advantages of Aera’s platform now enhanced with generative AI — elevating the decision automation experience through a truly conversational interface that generates highly-detailed, accurate, and contextually-meaningful recommendations to open-ended questions, quickly and effectively problem solves for complex use cases, and more.

The Test Drives offer advantages for business users, IT teams, and executive leadership:

  • Business Users:
    • Gain hands-on experience using AI technologies to improve and accelerate decisions
    • Experience connected, harmonized data and insights in a company’s specific business context
    • Access real-time intelligence, with data-driven analysis, predefined KPIs, and decision recommendations
    • Use Aera Decision Cloud and Aera Skills capabilities to understand the business issues, generate recommendations, execute decisions, and learn from the decision outcomes
  • Information Technology:
    • Understand the commercial and technical requirements for deploying AI decision automation
    • Validate the company’s readiness and ability to deploy Decision Intelligence
    • Experience the rich capabilities of Aera Data Workbench™ to ingest and harmonize enterprise data at scale
  • Leadership:
    • View firsthand the efficiencies, service, and business outcomes to drive performance strategies
    • Understand how best to apply Decision Intelligence to exceed specific KPIs, scale faster, and maximize value
    • See the time-to-value and value-over-time potential through an Aera Skills roadmap and Aera Technology partnership

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