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Airtable enables enterprises to power critical business with AI


Introducing new capabilities with Airtable AI

Today, we’re launching additional capabilities for Airtable AI to give enterprises new ways to accelerate and transform core business processes across their organizations. These new features ensure that teams can harness the power of AI at scale to augment critical workflows within Airtable and ultimately, increase revenue by making better decisions, faster. Along with these additional capabilities, Airtable AI is now available to all customers.

A Single Platform to Deploy AI in Mission-Critical Operations

Few enterprises need convincing about the transformative power of generative AI. However, in a recent survey from McKinsey, less than a third of business leaders said that their organizations had adopted AI across multiple functions – indicating that AI use in business remains limited in scope. At the same time, hundreds of new AI-powered offerings have emerged over the last year, complicating companies’ ability to manage tool sprawl, maintain data governance, and effectively operate their most important workflows.

With the expanded capabilities we’re introducing today, companies can more easily transform digital processes using AI at scale. Organizations can quickly implement Airtable AI in a broad range of knowledge work across marketing, product, and other business functions.

  • Summarize and extract insights: Analyze large amounts of detailed information and extract key insights, summarize them in a digestible format, and automatically share them with relevant teams via email or other channels. 
  • Categorize information: Automatically apply categories or tags to information at scale to help teams further organize and take action on their data. For example, teams can categorize large amounts of product feedback by sentiment, product area, or language – and then automatically post negative feedback to a team’s Slack channel to quickly take action.
  • Generate content: Instantly create content based on the data stored in Airtable and tailor it to multiple channels and people. For example, sales teams can automatically generate emails to prospective customers with approved messaging, tailored to the recipient’s organization, while marketing teams can generate drafts of campaign assets like social posts and blog content. 
  • Translate any language: Instantly translate across multiple languages, whether it’s standardizing product feedback into one shared language to identify global opportunities or translating customer-facing content so it resonates across regions.
  • Route work-in-progress: Match data and quickly route it to the right person or team to act on. For example, product teams can route feedback to the right engineers. 

“Organizations have enormous potential to transform the way they work with AI,” said Airtable co-founder and CEO Howie Liu. “From the beginning, Airtable has been the most powerful way for teams to work with structured data. Now, Airtable AI offers the fastest way to bring AI to the data and the workflows that matter the most, uniquely unlocking AI capabilities for customers small and large.

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