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Aisera & Dave launch DaveGPT

Resolution rate increased to 89% with mobile app GPT experiences
Aisera & Dave

Aisera, a pioneer of Generative AI solutions for the enterprise, today announced that Dave Inc. (Nasdaq: DAVE), one of the nation’s leading neobanks, has leveraged Aisera’s technology to create DaveGPT – a generative AI assistant that offers self-service customer inquiry resolution. Customized to Dave’s specific business needs, DaveGPT brings the capability to deliver customer service for Dave’s 9.9 million members by resolving customer needs quickly through natural language conversations.

“Today’s consumer expects personalized assistance on-demand. Partnering with Aisera has enabled us to address our member’s needs in real-time through AI,” said Jason Wilk, CEO and Founder of Dave. “DaveGPT, powered by Aisera, fundamentally impacts how we scale by automating simple interactions and generating value through efficiency and supporting our members.”

“In working with Aisera to build DaveGPT, Dave has gone beyond a proof-of-concept use case to offer cutting edge technology and integrated AI expertise right at the core of their consumer banking experience,” said Muddu Sudhakar, CEO and Co-founder of Aisera. “The transformational results seen in customer relationships, employee productivity and customer lifetime value stand as a case study for any company looking to capitalize on the next generation of AI capabilities at scale.”

Aisera’s AI Experience platform offers AiseraGPT, AI Copilot, AI Search and domain-specific large language models (LLMs) for business sectors and functions including financial services, banking, insurance and customer support. The human-like interactions and automated AI workflows that Aisera unlocks for the enterprise create massive productivity gains for organizations, lower operational expenses and dramatically improve customer and user satisfaction.

Enterprise chatbots have long been plagued by poor conversational dialog capabilities. An inability to work outside of preset scripts or give and receive clarifying information in real-time resulted in a frustrating member experience and increased cost and contact volumes. DaveGPT, powered by Aisera, works to overcome these challenges by combining the power of Aisera’s conversational interface with Generative AI and domain-specific LLMs tailored for the banking and financial services industry. DaveGPT is equipped to answer customer inquiries, set up direct deposits, advance account management, and solve customer issues end-to-end without human assistance.

By using Generative AI models, DaveGPT powered by Aisera, has demonstrated its ability to resolve upwards of 89% of member inquiries, which helps to support member support agents’ productivity by shifting their focus to more nuanced support requests. This more personalized service has helped to increase member satisfaction and retention as Dave seeks to level the financial playing field. Dave’s partnership with Aisera to leverage generative AI supports the neobank’s continued innovation in the industry.

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