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AlphaSense Acquires Stream by Mosaic

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Using AlphaSense’s market-leading AI search technology, Stream customers can now rapidly find key business insights within thousands of unique expert interviews, gaining new perspectives on companies across a breadth of industries

AlphaSense, the leading market intelligence and search platform, has acquired Stream by Mosaic (“Stream”), provider of a world-class library of expert interview transcripts. This acquisition allows AlphaSense to add its market-leading AI search technology on top of an incredibly valuable content platform, and is consistent with the companies’ shared mission to empower business and financial professionals to make smarter decisions through the best tech-enabled market intelligence and insights.

Stream’s platform has experienced strong demand as professionals seek differentiated sources of deep market intelligence to inform their decision-making. Whereas expert networks have existed for decades, Stream’s genre of recorded and transcribed expert calls has emerged rapidly in recent years. Stream has captured the lead as the broadest single database of such calls, with dozens of transcripts added daily and with hundreds of investment firms relying on the insights they contain.

Stream’s content library will deliver even more value than before by leveraging AlphaSense’s AI search technology to extract the most relevant insights to business professionals across all sectors of the economy and diverse user roles. AlphaSense intends to invest additional resources to further accelerate the expansion of Stream’s content offering.

“I, along with the Stream team, couldn’t be more excited to join AlphaSense, delivering even more targeted insights for all our current and future customers,” said Troy Lavinia, founder and CEO of Stream. “We have already created the market’s leading content engine, and the way AlphaSense will help us scale and enhance our content further is truly exhilarating.”

Stream will continue to run independently but will benefit from AlphaSense’s technology, extensive product development resources, broad market footprint, and distribution. AlphaSense’s patented AI search technology will be available on top of Stream’s library, enriching content, and providing users with greater value in the form of increased content and easy access to the best insights. Joint customers will also be able to access Stream content directly within AlphaSense.

“We saw Stream as the market’s top expert content engine and a tremendous opportunity in combining it with our Al search technology, helping clients to extract business-critical insights to make quicker and more confident decisions,” said Jack Kokko, co-founder and CEO of AlphaSense. “I’m really excited about partnering with Troy and his team to serve this big market.”

This acquisition comes on the heels of AlphaSense’s $180 million Series C fundraise in September 2021, with strong revenue growth driven by adoption in the corporate market alongside continued penetration across financial services. AlphaSense’s customer base now includes the majority of S&P 500 companies, over 75% of the S&P 100, 70% of the top asset management firms, 76% of the top consultancies, all of the largest 20 pharmaceutical companies, and leading companies in wide-ranging industries such as energy, industrials, consumer goods, and technology. User adoption per customer has increased nearly 20x, with the platform appealing to knowledge workers across a wide range of roles including strategy, competitive intelligence, investor relations, corporate development, and financial analysis, in addition to investment analysts and portfolio managers.

“We know how valuable the perspectives of business executives in a given market are to our clients, said Kiva Kolstein, President and Chief Revenue Officer of AlphaSense. “Our customers across all sectors have been seeking this type of content, and we now have a unique ability to deliver to them exactly what they want, in the way they want it, at scale.”

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