Ambientia Group Ltd is joining forces with US-based Shero Commerce

The business design and technology company Ambientia Group Ltd (Finland) and Shero Commerce (US), which specializes in eCommerce and digital marketing, are taking their cooperation to the next level. Both companies aim to provide their customers with a more comprehensive service offering in the future while achieving growth through joint efforts in both the European and American markets. Both companies will continue operations under their own brand and business name.
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The US-based Shero Commerce is a technology agency specializing in digital commerce, including the rapidly growing Magento and BigCommerce solutions. Shero Commerce markets tailored eCommerce solutions from design to delivery as well as digital marketing, partnering with Adobe and Amazon, among others.

Ambientia and Shero Commerce have previously collaborated on a per-project basis. The strategic cooperation will help accelerate Ambientia’s globalization efforts and further strengthens the company’s portfolio in eCommerce design, development, and project delivery.

“The services and expertise offered by the Shero and Ambientia teams complement each other and make us a more valuable partner for our clients. Ambientia’s focus on business transformation is a great fit for Shero’s core service offerings. By merging Shero’s eCommerce expertise with Ambientia’s AWS, Atlassian, Service Design, IT, AI, and Liferay services, we become a one-stop transformation solution provider for our clients. Together, the Ambientia and Shero teams will be equipped and ready to meet business optimization and expansion needs on all fronts and without borders.,” says Gentian Shero, CEO and Founder of Shero Commerce.”

“The acquisition will strengthen our entry into the American market. The strategic partnership between Shero Commerce and Ambientia will also reposition us in the Finnish market. Shero and Ambientia both put employees in the center of our corporate culture. Our employees are the ones who create the customer experience, which again is what makes us a viable business. Both companies employ experts who respect each other and understand what it takes to succeed in business,” says Johan Sandell, Ambientia’s CEO.

Johan Sandell and Gentian Shero emphasize the importance of their shared vision of their market environment and similar corporate values and culture in driving their cooperation.

Founded in 2010, Shero is headquartered in New York. Their remote-first culture has allowed them to build a diverse team of 36 eCommerce experts. Ambientia has a staff of 200 and offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Turku, Joensuu, and Tallinn. Ambientia is The Future Creation Company with expertise in business design and technology. They combine human understanding, business, and technology to build long-standing and concrete capabilities for future success.

From the outset, Shero’s founders knew they could grow the company into what it is today. However, they recognized that to become a true partner for their clients and excel in a competitive space, they needed to join forces with a bigger company. In Ambientia they found alignment in company cultures, vision, and values.

At Shero, people are the biggest asset. The Shero team is characterized by a culture of empathy, career growth, support, and cooperation. A shared focus on encouragement, growth, grit, and continuous learning is the fuel that motivates them to be greater tomorrow than they are today.

Like Shero, Ambientia places its people first and actively fosters a healthy work culture that promotes personal and professional growth.

In the immediate future, few things will change. Shero will learn from and apply Ambientia’s business experience to expand their combined offering to better deliver products and services. No staffing changes will be made. Client services and vendor relationships will continue to operate as usual.

As the Shero and Ambientia teams work together, they will offer more services and value-driven results to eCommerce retailers and their partner network.

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