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Amplified Intelligence launches new self-serve measurement tool

attentionPROVE® gives agencies the ability to live track, validate, and optimise multi-media campaign success for brand clients

Amplified Intelligence, the most trusted source for accurate attention measurement, has today debuted a new self-service iteration of its attentionPROVE® solution. Launching in multiple global markets – including the US, UK, and Australia – the tool will empower agencies to play a hands-on role in optimising campaign effectiveness and ROI by taking active charge of live attention evaluation.

Providing an accurate understanding of advertising impact, attentionPROVE® was built to assess audience viewing behaviours using the world’s deepest human attention dataset, while ending reliance on assumption-led metrics and non-transparent impression signals. With self-serve access, agency teams can quickly gain reliable insights into how ads are performing against key objectives and where in-flight spend needs adjusting to boost the volume of quality attention they drive.

The streamlined interface allows users to complete key tasks in seconds, including adding line items and creating tags that can be seamlessly attached to leading demand-side platforms (DSP) at the media buying stage. Tracking sub-second active, passive, and total attention, the measurement scope is also highly flexible and scalable: not only covering an array of media environments —including open web, desktop, mobile web, connected TV (CTV), and broadcast video-on-demand (BVOD) — but also by refined custom parameters such as ad format and length.

Combining intuitive operation and sophisticated analysis, the offering equips agencies with a smart toolkit for validating and refining their planned strategies, with core benefits covering:

  • Human-first data: Measurement of real human engagement fuelled by a best-in-class enriched database from over 110,000 multi-region panellists.
  • Smart investment: Instant prediction of attention by ad creative, format, and type to drive smarter media buying and stronger ROI.
  • Live evaluation: Granular live insight into how campaigns are performing and where spend allocation, and optimisation, can occur to improve in-flight efficiency, impact, and results.
  • Versatile usage: Available globally and usable with any digital channel that accepts third-party tags.

“Agencies are increasingly recognising that the shift to attention-led media operations isn’t as complex as it might seem, with current attentionPROVE® users finding they can seamlessly follow familiar workflows and apply accurate new metrics at the same time”, says Karen Nelson-Field, Founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence. “By enabling self-service access, we aim to make the switch even more efficient — and steer smarter decisions about spend and strategy.”

Note to editors:

attentionPROVE® can be used as a standalone service or in conjunction with other tools in the Amplified Intelligence media management toolkit. Customers can choose a Pay As You Go offer on a campaign-by-campaign basis, or sign-up for monthly attentionPROVE® licences based on their required impression volume.

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