Analytics Insight Names ‘The 10 Most Impactful Women in Technology

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Analytics Insight has announced ‘The 10 Most Impactful Women in Technology 2021’ in its February-March magazine issue. The issue is the fourth volume featuring impactful women in technology in 2021.

The magazine issue recognizes the achievements of ten trendsetting women who are breaking the status quo and setting new benchmarks for themselves and others in the tech industry. With their relentless zeal, commitment and far-sighted vision, they have transformed the facet of several industry verticals using technological solutions. Here are the executives that made the list.

Featuring as the Cover Story is Jennifer Hyland, Founder and CEO of Racol Technology Solutions. As a global account manager for major telecommunication companies, Jennifer has helped develop and manage comprehensive and practical multimillion-dollar solutions for major corporations. Under her guidance, her team helps clients to focus on their core competencies instead of the time-consuming tasks associated with procuring and managing telecom services.

This issue features Cinthia Portugal and Aparna Pujar as Executives of the Month.

Cinthia Portugal: As the Vice President of Marketing at Humio, Cinthia drives its overall marketing strategy and execution. Her work at Humio focuses on driving strategies to connect customers to global products and brands. Previously, Cinthia has worked with early-stage start-ups to develop go-to-market strategies, product positioning, and leading major launches.

Aparna Pujar: Aparna is the Founder and CEO of Zemplee, which uses 5G, Edge Computing and AI to offer passive real-time monitoring of the elderly while keeping their families and other care stakeholders informed and engaged. She founded this IoT/AI platform-based company from her experience of being a remote caregiver for her aging parents.

The issue further includes:

Angie Vaux: Angie is the Founder and CEO of Women in Tech Forum. Under her leadership, Women in Tech Forum collaborates and partners with some of the biggest tech companies along with rapidly growing start-ups, who are looking for additional support in developing their female talent and the next generation of female leaders.

Julie Moreland: Julie is the CEO of Vizbii Technologies. By engaging her unique experiences within the HR Technology market, Julie continues to fuse behavioral science, technology, and predictive analytics to develop and deliver products for Vizbii like Morphii that simplify and inform critical decisions.

Sunitha Anumula: Sunitha is the Managing Director at Freyr Solutions. Having 19+ years of experience in various companies, she is deeply rooted in technology, sales & marketing, operations, human resources and administrative functions of Freyr and has successfully led the same in other companies as well.

Toni Portmann: Toni is CEO and Co-Founder of Walkabout Workplace, a platform that delivers business benefits beyond just connecting via video, audio, chat, and screen share. Building her career in leading tech-based companies like DHISCO and Stream Global Services, Toni is now reimagining the future workplace.

Meg Bear: Meg is the SVP of Engineering and Operations at SAP SuccessFactors and is responsible for delivering market-leading products for its customers. Prior to her current stint, Meg held executive positions like SVP of Product, Data, and Engineering at Juvo, SVP of Cloud Services at Imperva, and GVP of Social Cloud, and more.

Gwynne Shotwell: Gwynne is SpaceX’s president and COO and manages the operations of the commercial space exploration company. She is responsible for day-to-day operations and for managing all customer and strategic relations to support company growth.

Susan Wojcicki: Susan is CEO of YouTube. She oversees development and release of new YouTube applications and experiences designed to cater to users. During her tenure, YouTube launched its advertisement-free subscription service, YouTube Premium and an OTT YouTube TV.

The dynamic world of technology is powered by numerous innovations and affinity to drive change that positively impacts society and industry as a whole. And this revolution is backed by the transformational shift in leadership roles of today’s thought leaders. The selected luminaries share a passion and leverage their considerable expertise to drive growth and disruption in their niche. “These executives have demonstrated how women are revamping the tech sector with their unique set of complementary skills and ideas. In this issue, Analytics Insights aims to recognize their valuable contributions through their inspiring stories”, says Preetipadma K, Content Analyst, Analytics Insight.

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