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AppsFlyer launched Creative Optimization

Creative Optimization empowers marketing teams to drive significant results with optimized creative decisions and precise ad campaigns

AppsFlyer, the global leader in marketing measurement, attribution, and data analytics, today launched Creative Optimization, its new product that provides marketers with unparalleled insights into their creative assets and data-driven guidance on maximizing their impact. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Creative Optimization identifies patterns, trends, and features that drive optimal audience engagement, enabling marketers to capture the most value from their ad spend while enhancing the effectiveness of their creative content and campaigns.

Creative Optimization empowers stakeholders across performance marketing, creative, and Business Intelligence (BI) teams to collaborate to craft diverse asset variations, test, and validate winning variables within advertisements – saving time and resources while elevating performance. Marketing teams now possess the tools to make creative decisions that marry human intuition with the precision, speed, and scalability of the AI capabilities embedded within the product.

“The new Creative Optimization product presents a real breakthrough for marketers, bridging the gap between creative and growth marketing teams while addressing key pain points to drive success for both,” said Yevgeny Peres, EVP of Product Strategy at AppsFlyer. “By delivering sophisticated, in-depth creative insights, it enables growth marketing teams to optimize spend, increase scale, and drive profitability by automatically identifying which creatives perform best in campaigns. Simultaneously, it equips the creative team with valuable insights on the attributes of winning creatives, empowering them to focus on the most effective elements and allocate their time and resources more efficiently. This seamless collaboration closes the feedback loop, boosts confidence in creative production, reduces risk by minimizing investment in underperforming creatives while scaling the production of winning ones to drive profitability at scale.”

AppsFlyer worked with more than 100 companies, including fintech company Dave and mobile gaming leader Papaya Gaming, through the development and testing of Creative Optimization over the last year. Companies across gaming, fintech, e-commerce, and entertainment industries employed the product to enhance their marketing efforts to great effect. Brands utilizing the product were able to grow their ad spend by as much as 300% while seeing vast improvements in key performance indicators. Campaigns resulted in increases in ad click-through rates of up to 50%, decreases in cost-per-install by as much as 30%, and saw up to 100% uplift in customer retention and revenue metrics.

“AppsFlyer’s Creative Optimization has been a game-changer for our cross-team creative collaboration efforts,” said Christian Espinoza, Senior Marketing Technology Manager at Dave. “We’ve seen a significant increase in efficiency, and it’s transformed our creative optimization process by providing a deep understanding of what works best on specific channels and allowing us to extract maximum value from our top-performing assets. We’ve seen a major increase in efficiency – what used to take us 8-10 hours a week, we can now effortlessly pull and share reports with the creative team, making data-driven decisions without the need for manual data extraction or platform hopping.”

“Creative Optimization is transformative for our campaigns, allowing our marketing team to reach larger audiences, improve our efficiency and collaboration,” said Dan Hayoun, Performance Group Manager at Papaya Gaming. “This has led to great results and helped turn the creative marketing process into a growth engine across our award-winning portfolio of games. As a leader in the next generation of gaming, we are constantly looking for cutting edge tools that can help us operate on a larger scale, while providing the best options for attracting and retaining players to continue growing our business.”

Creative Optimization enables users to marry best-in-class AI creative capabilities and AppsFlyer’s analytics-driven dashboards to deliver the most efficient and effective campaigns:

  • AI-powered insights for maximizing ad spend and creatives’ effectiveness. Creative Optimization automatically analyzes creative assets, breaking them down into scenes, and provides performance data and guidance for effectively replacing underperforming elements.
  • Access granular performance data to uncover the winning formula for your creative strategy. Creative Optimization aggregates all creative performance data in one place, providing an unbiased, comprehensive overview of creative performance, including cost, installs, clicks, and down-funnel metrics like retention, lifetime value and more.
  • Turn creative performance into meaningful data for your BI system. Creative Optimization consolidates all creative data, offering a reliable and up-to-date system that incorporates recent changes in the marketing ecosystem. This streamlines the data integration process and ensures a credible and trustworthy source for creative data within the BI system.

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