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ARBA Retail Systems achieves marketing success in business categories

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Each year, the Naperville Award Program identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in the local community and business categories. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small businesses through service to their clients and community.

ARBA Retail Systems has been selected for the 2022 Best of Naperville Award in the Computer Software category by the Naperville Award Program, making this our ninth consecutive year of receiving the award. For also being nominated into the Naperville Business Hall of Fame, we thank the companies we serve for allowing our continued service, as well as the organization for recognizing our diligent efforts.

ArbaRapidPay, a popular cashless payroll deduction solution, provides convenience and safety for our clients, and is critical for employee satisfaction. Our contactless payment solutions allow for safety protocols and enhance the overall protection against the COVID-19 virus. ARBA solutions continue to evolve based on technological improvements and customer needs. Our #1 rated payroll deduction solution, along with standalone payroll deductions (that can work with any POS solution), online retail store solution, online ordering app and portal are a few examples that have continued to keep our company and solutions relevant for our evolving customer base.

Customer support and ongoing communication can be daunting tasks requiring investments for companies. ARBA takes pride and makes extensive investments in our customer success on an ongoing basis. Results – satisfied and retentive customer base that recommends our products and services to their subsidiaries, new acquisitions and merged organizations.

Research suggests that after-sales support is critical for long-term customer satisfaction. ARBA takes pride in monitoring ongoing and long-term customer satisfaction, through prompt customer care. This approach is a key facet of our company’s ethics and standards. ARBA takes the time to ensure that our clients are informed, equipped, and prepared throughout their journey with ARBA.

ARBA Retail Systems would like to thank all who value our service. We are honored to be the recipient of this award nine years in a row, and will continue with ongoing improvements to our solutions, support, and service to our customers.

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