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Argmax acquires AI Startup Ginzi to bolster customer support solutions


Argmax, a leader in AI service provision, is proud to announce the acquisition of Ginzi, an innovative startup specializing in AI solutions for customer support teams. This strategic acquisition marks a significant expansion in Argmax’s footprint in the AI industry.

Ginzi, which emerged from stealth mode just 11 months ago, has developed groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes how customer support teams interact with AI, enabling them to address each inquiry uniquely and efficiently. Ginzi was founded by Ben Jacobs and Kobi Agi and was backed by notable investors including Jumpspeed Ventures, Fresh.Fund, and Atooro Fund, Ginzi has raised $1.5 million to date. The financial details of the acquisition remain undisclosed. Additionally, the Ginzi development team is set to make a transition to Argmax.

The acquisition of Ginzi by Argmax represents a strategic expansion of Argmax’s offerings in the AI industry. Ginzi’s innovative AI technology for customer support teams, complements and enhances Argmax’s existing services. This integration allows Argmax to offer more sophisticated, AI-driven solutions to its clients, catering to a wider range of customer support needs with greater efficiency and personalization.

The Ginzi Platform will enable Argmax to deliver a more comprehensive suite of services, setting new industry standards in AI-powered customer support. The merger not only broadens Argmax’s capabilities but also solidifies its position as a leader in AI innovation, opening up new avenues for growth and development in this rapidly evolving sector.

The development team from Ginzi will be integrated into Argmax, enhancing the company’s talent pool and capabilities.

“At Argmax, we are continuously strengthening our position in the AI sector,” states Uri Goren, CEO of Argmax.

“The rapid evolution of AI technologies is reshaping the market, and Ginzi’s innovative products and technology are at the forefront of these developments. Acquiring Ginzi allows us to enhance our market presence significantly. Ginzi’s achievements in customer support are remarkable, and we are excited to build on their success.”

“Argmax is perfectly placed to take the Ginzi products to new levels,” said Ben Jacobs, CEO & Co-founder of Ginzi. “It’s an opportunity to thank our amazing investors and team who have been extremely supportive throughout the journey.”

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