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Arro Launches Next-Generation Business Intelligence Platform

Better tracking for asset management firms: marketing channels and sales captured in one dashboard

Today, Arro Financial Communications (“Arro”), a marketing agency dedicated to the asset management space, announced the launch of Arro Business Intelligence (Arro BI), the next generation analytics platform designed for asset management firms to better measure the success of their marketing and public relations channels, as compared to sales and distribution efforts, under one dashboard.

The platform allows users to overlay specific campaign metrics, such as website traffic, advertising clicks, social media stats, and email blast engagement, with creations/redemptions, trade volume, and AUM (assets under management) data. This powerful analytics engine was designed from the ground up to be intuitive, enabling users to harness the power of business intelligence and reveal connections between micro moments and macro trends.

“Arro BI provides a birds-eye view of all your different efforts in one place,” said Alexandra Levis, CEO and Founder of Arro Financial Communications. “We find this to be especially integral to industries such as the ETF (exchange-traded fund) space, where sales tracking is very opaque. We believe that other asset management companies looking to see where their marketing spend is going relative to their fund flows will also find this invaluable.”

“The dashboard was developed with the goal of helping users from marketing to sales teams tackle real-world business challenges by analyzing and visualizing structured and unstructured data to discern the most complete narrative about their company and products. This is especially valuable when launching new products that deliver a competitive advantage, and more,” said Catharine Frick, Vice President of Client Services at Arro Financial Communications.

Arro clients include some of the fastest growing asset managers, ETF issuers, fund advisors and index providers across the globe.

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