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As Easy As Boom – Thunder Rolls Out A Rebrand

Thunder Shakes the Salesforce Ecosystem with a Differentiating Brand and a New Website
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Thunder, a leader in Salesforce Service Cloud implementations and customer engagement, announced today that it has redesigned its brand and launched a new website.

It’s not a coincidence that Thunder decided to roll out their new brand on Valentine’s Day. With a mission to help customers love Salesforce, forever, Thunder strives to reinvent how Salesforce services can be delivered to growing businesses across the globe.

Carter Wigell, CEO and founder of Thunder, is seizing the opportunity to stand out in a saturated Salesforce ecosystem with a brand that speaks directly to potential customers and employees alike.

“We’re super excited about the new and fun ways Thunder is differentiating. We think our brand will resonate with Salesforce customers looking for a bold and decisive partner.”

Mr. Wigell explains that Thunder “saw an amazing opportunity in our first year to listen to our market and provide a deeply experienced option. We know that business transformation can be daunting and it takes vast ecosystem knowledge and expertise to thrive, that’s where Thunder comes in.”

Daniel Barnett, VP of Marketing at Thunder and also a Salesforce vet, believes that Thunder’s brand redesign accomplished all their objectives.

“We wanted something that was as strong and bold as the name Thunder. That’s why we chose purple as our color, there are as many blues out there. We even have doodles in our brand. We want the ecosystem to know that we’re different. We’re a team that is always designing, always design-thinking.”

He adds that even Thunder’s tagline is a nod to its confidence that it can deliver, Mr. Barnett explains. “We feel like we’re the OGs of the ecosystem. We want our customers to see that transformation, it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. It can be as easy as, Boom!”

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