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Ashish Agrawal Joins MakerSights as Senior Vice President of Product

Agrawal to Accelerate the Development of the Retail Industry’s First Voice of Consumer Hub for Cross-functional Teams Throughout the Concept-to-Consumer Product Lifecycle
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MakerSights, the only collaborative assortment management workspace purpose-built for consumer-obsessed retail brands, welcomes Ashish Agrawal to its executive leadership team as Senior Vice President of Product. Agrawal will continue to advance the MakerSights Workspace towards better supporting and connecting every team that participates in the product creation and go-to-market strategies at retail brands through integrations, advanced analytics, and automation. Under his direction, the MakerSights Workspace will become the hub of a connected ecosystem that cross-functional teams rely on for data-informed assortment and immediate consumer engagement on trends, evolving preferences, and in-development products.

“The world has changed dramatically since the mall’s golden age in the 1980s. It is far more fast-paced and consumer demand-driven than it was even a decade ago whether retail brands recognize it or not; what they do understand, though, is that their bottom line is hurting,” said Agrawal. “A number of converging factors have created incredibly educated and empowered consumers that expect brands to not only understand what they want but keep pace when those preferences change. I am thrilled to join a company that is at the forefront of Retail Tech innovation and is so singularly focused on arming brands with the consumer data they need to thrive and transition to a modern demand-driven strategy, while also reducing the exorbitant volume of waste brands create that is eating into their profitability and doing irreversible harm to our planet.”

Agrawal has over two decades of product management experience in the technology sector, having worked at Silicon Valley powerhouses Adobe and Oracle. Through his experience at both enterprise companies and startups, Agrawal is well-versed in driving differentiation in products within established categories and creating new categories for emerging technologies. He spent the last three years at NuORDER, the leading wholesale eCommerce platform helping brands and retailers drive sales, immersing himself in the retail industry and becoming an expert in the unique challenges retail brands face when developing new products and bringing them to market.

“Ashish shares my, the executive team’s, and our board’s passion for creating a thriving, environmentally responsible retail industry,” said MakerSights CEO and Co-founder Dan Leahy. “He agrees that there are many levers that brands can pull to reduce waste and CO2 emissions and is excited to work on the most impactful lever: lowering the 40 percent overproduction rate. We’re thrilled to welcome Ashish to our executive team and have him bring to life our shared vision for how we can help brands execute a modern, consumer-obsessed product strategy.”

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