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AtScale named in 2023 Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Analytics and BI

Leading Semantic Layer Solutions Provider Sees Growing Recognition of the Important Role Metrics Stores Play in the Modern Data Stack

AtScale, the leading provider of semantic layer solutions for modern business intelligence and data science teams, today announced that it has been recognized in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Analytics and Business Intelligence, 2023. AtScale was named in the Metrics Store category.

Gartner defines a Metrics Store as: “a virtualized semantic layer capability that allows users to create and define business metrics as code. It governs those metrics from data warehouses, and serves the downstream analytics, data science and business applications. The metrics store often provides an API-centric way to deliver analytics uniformly across consuming use cases, including reporting, BI, DSML and integrated applications — a headless form decoupling the metrics definition and delivery from consumption.”

“Organizations striving to take advantage of the massive amounts of data within their walls have run into a common problem: the need to establish a single source of truth for all data; one that can inform all analysis efforts organization-wide,” said David Mariani, co-founder and CTO of AtScale. “The most efficient and effective way to empower decision makers is to grant them self-service data analysis capabilities. A semantic layer-driven metrics store can create that single source of governed analytics for direct business-level use.”

“Redundant pipelines built to serve analytical use cases can cause risks for decision makers across the organization. Metrics relied on in different systems that should be the same could either drift apart from their origin or — worse — could be misaligned from the beginning,” noted Gartner’s Christopher Long, Director Analyst, David Pidsley, Sr. Director Analyst, and Julian Sun, Sr. Director Analyst, in the report.

AtScale’s semantic layer technology creates a foundation for building a scalable enterprise metrics store strategy. It establishes centralized metrics governance while empowering the democratization of data access and business intelligence across the enterprise, resulting in analysis-ready data being put directly into the hands of decision makers.

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