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AudioEye Partners with Digital Marketing Agency Neil Patel Digital

Partnership elevates the performance of SEO with AI-powered accessibility
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AudioEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: AEYE), the industry-leading digital accessibility platform, and digital marketing agency Neil Patel Digital, today announced their strategic partnership to integrate AudioEye’s digital accessibility platform with Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest SEO platform to show digital marketers how accessibility impacts the performance of SEO. Patel has helped digital marketers at Amazon, Microsoft, Airbnb, and Google accelerate growth through performance marketing and his educational blog that generates more than ten million visitors per month. The partnership will combine AudioEye’s industry-leading digital accessibility expertise with Neil Patel’s award-winning marketing experience to help companies eliminate barriers to digital content for people with disabilities while maximizing SEO.

“While almost any marketing agency or department prioritizes SEO, many still don’t know what ADA website compliance means and how it can impact a business,” said Patel. In the U.S., more than 50 million people are living with a disability, and providing fair and equal access to digital content presents an opportunity for business to expand their reach to new customers. “Accessibility isn’t always a simple process, but they make it easy for me to equip my customers and readers with the proper tools to understand accessibility and why it matters That’s why I’m so excited to partner with AudioEye.”

SEO is a top priority in the marketing industry with 64 percent of marketers actively investing time to learn SEO. Accessibility is not given the same spotlight with only 2 percent of the million most popular web home pages fully accessible to people with disabilities. However, things like alt text for images, transcripts of videos and audio, proper heading tags, and consistent and predictable structures can improve both accessibility and SEO–a win for both consumers and companies.

“Accessibility has a wide impact beyond compliance–it’s the foundation for building a compelling and inclusive experience for anyone accessing digital content,” said David Moradi, Interim CEO at AudioEye. “We’re thrilled to partner with Neil Patel to help companies understand how accessibility and SEO go hand-in-hand to eliminate barriers to digital content.”

On December 10, AudioEye and Neil Patel will host a webinar, How To Protect & Grow Your Business With Digital Accessibility & SEO, to help businesses understand the intersection points between accessibility and SEO and how to effectively optimize websites for both search engines and disabled users. Ubersuggest, where an average of over 100K URLs and over 300K keywords are checked daily, currently provides content ideas, strategy, and SEO recommendations. We’re working to integrate AudioEye and Ubersuggest to give companies a free accessibility score and report within the platform. This one-of-kind tool will give companies unique insights into the accessibility of their websites, providing the knowledge and power to make digital content accessible and inclusive.

AudioEye has experienced tremendous growth as companies recognize the importance of making their digital content accessible to everyone. Leading the industry with holistic accessibility solutions, an NPS score of 71 shows AudioEye’s commitment to helping our customers successfully implement effective accessibility solutions. For more info on web accessibility solutions, visit

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