Aunt Bertha Taps MWWPR To Lead Marketing Communications

After almost a decade of work, Aunt Bertha has the largest and most widely used social care network in the country - helping millions of users seek out the services they need with dignity and ease
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MWWPR, one of the world’s leading independent public relations agencies, has been hired by Aunt Bertha, the nation’s leading social care network that connects people and programs—making it easy for people to find social services in their communities and get the help they need, when they need it. The company also works with non-profits and community benefit organizations to provide premium reporting, software integrations, and dedicated support from the Aunt Bertha team – ensuring they have the right tools to coordinate and provide services and track when help is received.

“This kind of multi-stakeholder assignment with a diverse audience set—from help-seekers to enterprise customers is one in which MWWPR excels,” said Kristie Taylor, executive vice president, and technology practice lead at MWWPR. “We are proud to partner with Aunt Bertha as they continue to make an incredible impact nationwide – helping millions of Seekers connect to programs and services to get the help they need.”

MWW was hired as the platform’s first public relations agency in Aunt Bertha’s history after a competitive review process. An integrated team led out of the agency’s technology hub in Austin will lead communications strategy around corporate reputation and executive visibility. Aunt Bertha is the latest addition to MWWPR’s growing roster of tech clients with a focus on social impact.

“When we first launched Aunt Bertha ten years ago in a small office in Austin, the mission was simple — help everyone, regardless of background or means, to find the help they need with dignity and ease,” says Ernie Gray, founder and chief executive officer of Aunt Bertha. “As we consider the journey ahead toward our next phase of growth, choosing the right strategic communications partner became an important part of our plan. The MWW team’s expertise at the intersection of technology, social impact, non-profits, and digital strategy made them the right fit.”

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