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AVer Europe Launches New Enterprise Professional Conferencing System

The VC520 Pro from AVer Europe offers a lifelike audiovisual experience that delivers for all meeting rooms
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AVer Europe, the award-winning provider of video collaboration solutions, has today announced the launch of its professional conferencing system the VC520 Pro in the UK martech news.

The VC520 Pro has been developed by AVer Europe as a solution for various meeting room sizes, alleviating the challenges that teams face on conference calls. The VC520 Pro has an audio pickup range of 15 feet and the ability to daisy-chain two additional speakerphones to reach up to 45 feet, offering ultra-clear unparalleled audio even throughout large meeting rooms martech.

With Sony True WDR capability, AVer Europe’s VC520 Pro offers clear and high-quality imaging even in high contrast backlit environments. With up to 1080p and 60fps even in poor lighting, the conferencing system’s 12X optical zoom with precise detail enables teams to showcase items such as products or documents live in the room on camera.

The VC520 Pro’s SmartFrame technology uses face recognition to automatically adjust the camera to include all members in the room in the frame. This includes anyone new that enters the meeting room, saving any delays if any colleagues are running late.

AVer Europe’s VC520 Pro features advanced centralised management through an internet browser to enable users to remotely control the camera and stream on platforms such as Facebook or YouTube.

“We’ve all been on video conference calls with poor sound or visual quality and it’s hugely frustrating, not to mention a drain on business time, resource and money,” explains Rene Buhay, AVer Europe Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “The VC520 Pro’s feature combination of 12X optical zoom, Sony True WDR, full HD and the opportunity to expand with extra speakers and microphones means that communication is transformed into a lifelike audiovisual experience.”

The VC520 Pro from AVer Europe has a 3-year warranty with a free 2-year warranty extension available at MSRP £1049.

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