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Award-winning mobile app marketing agency re-designs its website, a premiere marketing service for mobile applications and brands has updated their website with new branding, layout, features, navigation, and accessibility.
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Sept. 15, Award-winning mobile app marketing agency has re-designed the website to an innovative design and streamlined functionality. As the company’s expertise has advanced over the years, so has the look and feel of the new website. The website has been updated with new branding, layout, features, pages and more, with easy navigation and accessible answers for questions viewers may have.

“We always try to stay on the forefront of technology and design for our clients, and our website reflects this achievement,” said Carson Barker, founder and owner of “Our resources and talents and have grown excessively over the years, so we needed a website overhaul.”

Over the past year, has won multiple awards such as “Best PR Firm in Austin” from and CSSDA awards for Best Design. All 8 of the new awards are now featured on an awards page on the new site.

“We have a dedicated and talented team on board, and the quality of our output is unparalleled,” said Barker. “The new awards page is a tribute to the team at for all of their hard work, it has definitely paid off.”

Other pages on the site include the “Packages” page which is a chart of services, Case Studies page, and links to the award-winning blog. Potential clients can easily navigate through the site to discover what does and why the company has continued to win awards for their service.

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